Tips for Working with the IBM Cognos TM1 REST API
Tips for Working with the IBM Cognos TM1 REST API

This is a guest blog post by Revelwood’s Nina Gordy.

After working at Revelwood for almost a year, I have already had the opportunity to learn about so many of the technologies offered through IBM and TM1. One of the most interesting to date has been the TM1 REST API, which I implemented in Quantum, the TM1 mobile application for system administrators. With OData Version 4 standards, the REST API can be used to create, read, update and delete objects on a TM1 server.

While it has been available for a couple years now, this resource still remains relatively untapped in the world of TM1. For those who have thought about trying it out, here are some tips I’ve gathered over the last nine months working with the TM1 REST API:

  1. Read the documentation.
    Seriously. The IBM Knowledge Center and IBM developerWorks websites have been extremely helpful. This is where you will find the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the REST API capabilities, setup and updates.
  2. Use the forums.
    If you have a question about something, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else has had the same question as well. The developerWorks REST API forum and are great places to go if you’ve already exhausted the documentation provided by IBM but are still not entirely sure what to do.
  3. Test it out, carefully!
    Learning is often expedited through doing, but this tip comes with a slight warning. Because the REST API is meant to serve as a direct interface with a TM1 server, it is possible to make big changes with small amounts of code. For this reason, it’s best to test a call on a development or sample server before applying it to anything in production.
  4. Get to know your server.
    Familiarize yourself with the intricacies of your own TM1 server. You should ask yourself, for instance, what exactly is going to happen if this TurboIntegrator process is executed? Will it affect any users or groups? The more you know about the environment in which you’re working, the better you will be able to deploy it.

Below are links to documentation and forums that I have found to be useful. I am looking forward to delving even more into the TM1 REST API capabilities as we explore new possibilities for Quantum and beyond.


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