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Do you consider yourself an outstanding IBM Planning / TM1 expert? Do you want to start a career where you can thrive on solving complex business problems and delve into what makes businesses tick? Are you looking for your next role to be part of a top-notch, award-winning team? Then you might be the perfect fit for one of our open consultant positions! Or perhaps you know someone that might be? We love referrals. If you’re not familiar with Revelwood, … Read More

This summer, Revelwood kicked off a new internship program. While we’ve had interns in the past, this year we kicked off a new intern program modeled after that of one of our vendor-partners in a different industry. The Lead Development Rep (LDR) program is a business development and sales internship program. Our LDR internship kicked off with a week-long intensive boot camp that included workshops with various members of the Revelwood team and concluded with each intern presenting their findings … Read More

Every summer Revelwood hires 2-4 college interns to join its ranks for 10 weeks of immersive experience in the world of business and technology. Our internship positions have ranged from technical to marketing to sales to general business research. What’s critical to us is that all internships are mutually beneficial: interns must feel they are receiving at least as much value from Revelwood as they are giving. This summer we have four ambitious interns who’ve joined us for an inaugural … Read More

I’m delighted to share that at the recent IBM World of Watson 2016 conference with over 17,000 attendees, Revelwood was named the recipient of IBM’s Worldwide Customer Analytics Business Partner of the Year award. It’s the first time ever that IBM has bestowed this award, and Revelwood was selected among all of IBM’s business partners worldwide who are selling Customer Analytics software and services. Earning this award was a collective effort between our rapidly-growing Predictive Analytics team and our clients … Read More

For over two decades, Revelwood has been offering leading edge, high value TM1 and Cognos Express products, solutions and services in the FPM marketplace. Up until a year ago, all of these offerings were managed under a single organization—Revelwood. Given the changing dynamics in the market, with a greater emphasis on self-service products and industry-specific solutions, Revelwood has restructured itself and launched a separate product division called Revelwood Labs. This allows us to put more focus, ownership and strategic emphasis … Read More

This is a guest blog post by Revelwood intern, Zachary Vinik. When I told friends and family that I was interning at an established business they all made jokes. “You are just going to organize papers and deliver coffee to everyone.” My mom even told me that in her first internship she had to highlight any English words in hundreds of pages of computer code. I’ve never been happier that everyone else was wrong. Walking into my first office job … Read More