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Did you know that there are different ways to create selectors in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? TM1 Perspectives allows you to create selectors via the SUBNM formula. This approach offers an easy way to create a selectable list on a report or input template, but it requires some training to learn how to create and manipulate the formula. PAW allows users to more easily create selectors by simply dragging items onto the screen via a “selector widget.” This is … Read More

Each year BPM Partners releases its Business Performance Management (BPM) vendor landscape report. According to the firm, the purpose of the report is to “provide a point-in-time snapshot of all the core players, their status in the market, and the focus of their offerings.” This year’s report found “cloud momentum picked up with the vast majority of vendors seeing their cloud version account for the bulk of their sales.” The report also states that the “focus on the customer has … Read More

This is a guest blog post from Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. Did you know that you can use the IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx) Set Editor to create dynamic sets to be used in a view? This can be accomplished by using the ‘Search available members’ bar in the set editor. I will use the bpmAccount dimension in this example. Start by opening the set editor in PAx. Right click the bpmAccount dimension (or click the drop down arrow by … Read More

Did you know that that way you write your rule could impact the performance of the model in IBM Planning Analytics? There are three parts to a rule. The area definition describes the section of the cube to which the rule will apply. The qualifier allows formulas to be restricted to base level numbers, consolidated, numbers or string values. And the formula defines how the components will be calculated. Sometimes I am asked about the best approach to use when … Read More

This is a guest blog post from Revelwood’s Nina Gordy. Did you know there are various shortcuts to force calculations in Excel, and that there is a shortcut that does this for TM1 Perspectives and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx) as well? Rather than searching for a button in the Excel ribbon, it’s often easier and more efficient to use keyboard shortcuts to refresh calculations. This post describes the various shortcuts available to force calculations in Excel for Windows, including … Read More

Did you know that you don’t have to show all of your dimensions during an ad-hoc query in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? TM1 cube views and formulas require a reference to every dimension within the cube. While all of these dimensions have a use within your cube, they are not always needed for your reports, templates and ad-hoc querying. PAW books allow you to hide dimensions during ad-hoc browses. This is done by simply dragging the dimension off the … Read More


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