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Planning & Reporting Archives – Page 2 of 16 – Revelwood Knowledge Center

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know that there are new features in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? We’ll cover these new features in the next few blog posts. Today, we’ll discuss how you can set your data refresh definitions directly from the short cut bar. The “Grid Refresh” option allows you to determine when your data refreshes. This parameter gives you two options:   After each context change: when selected, data will be refreshed anytime the structure … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. Did you know there is a new interface in IBM Planning Analytics? You may have used TM1Top or TM1 Operations Console in the past with TM1 and wondered if something new replaced those tools in Planning Analytics. The answer is yes. The new interface that has been introduced in Planning Analytics called Planning Analytics Administration (PAA). It is accessible to administrators via PA Workspace … Read More

“We need to add this functionality…and this dimension…and that dimension…and sometimes we get asked for this so let’s add something else to capture that…and this one is really important…we can add all of that, right?” I have been involved in several conversations very similar to this one. My answer is always, “Yes, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Unfortunately, anything I say after “yes” is frequently tuned out at first. Sometimes I wish I could simply say, … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series You know that you can easily swap rows and selectors in an IBM Planning Analytics Workspace view, but did you know that you can also easily select the row that will become the selected elements? The following PAW view shows quarterly data for the Total Company. I can drag the Account dimension from the rows and place it on top of the Company dimension. This will swap the columns and will make the … Read More

Today’s post is the last in a series of three reviewing our top 15 most popular blog posts covering a number of  IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks and the benefits of migrating from TM1.   IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: TurboIntegrator Logging Read this post to learn how to easily control your logs, while also making them easier to navigate.  Your TM1 server tracks data transactions made in the system. When a cube value is changed, TM1 records … Read More

Music has been a large part of my life for many years now. I have played drums and percussion in multiple bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles, and I have sung in several choirs and barber shop quartets. The one constant through all of them has been a talented conductor or director at the helm. A band doesn’t simply get together and decide to play a famous concerto. The conductor chooses a piece that speaks to him or her, works with … Read More


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