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How easy would it be for you to budget and report on a division of your business that had its financials in more than 200 linked spreadsheets? Add in the fact that gathering data was a manual process, not to mention that verifying that data was so time-intensive that your organization could not accommodate late updates to the budget. And, given this scenario, it would be impossible to do any type of forecasting. Oh, and the data needed for analysis from one of the … Read More

More and more organizations are embracing rolling forecasts; as they do so, they are looking for the steps to success with rolling forecasts.  For many of those organizations, working with rolling forecasts is not an either or: they are not simply throwing out the budgeting process in favor of rolling forecasting.  Instead, they are using both traditional budgeting and the more agile rolling forecasting. When we work with our clients to move to a model that relies on rolling forecasting, … Read More

Every job has an upside and a downside.  For Jeremy, a budget manager in the commercial property and casualty insurance industry, the upside of his role is to manage corporate expenses, revenue forecasting, reporting and analysis for a leading company.  The downside was that Jeremy—and the 70 other people involved in the financial planning process—were bogged down using Excel budget templates to collect and consolidate the budget data.  The unwieldy process was time-consuming, error-prone and difficult to manage. Jeremy knew … Read More

Starting a new job can be exciting, but also stressful.  But how would you like to step into Dina Bank’s shoes?  Her first task as the director of financial systems for a full-service media and marketing communications agency was to oversee the implementation of a new budgeting, planning and reporting system.  The overall goal was to make it easier to understand staff costing, client profitability and profitability by business unit. The media company had selected IBM Cognos TM1 as the … Read More

There’s a reason the term ‘Excel hell’ is well known – many, many financial analysts and companies find themselves beholden to hundreds of spreadsheets for their budgeting and financial planning processes.  Carrie Ludwiczak, a senior financial analyst with a consumer loan company decided it was time to stop the time-consuming process of relying on Excel for budgeting. And it wasn’t just about saving time and reducing errors.  Carrie knew what her team wanted to provide to the company – comparative … Read More

The Oakland Athletics general manager, Billy Beane, proved the ROI of analytics and shared it in the wildly popular book and movie, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.  Nucleus Research has proved that analytics delivers for business as well; the firm found that analytics pays back $10.66 for every dollar spent. In a research note on the findings, Nucleus cites two significant reasons for the high ROI of analytics: It is easy to integrate data sources with analytics … Read More


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