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Lightspeed Planning & Reporting Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

In today’s disruptive world, “velocity” has become paramount. How quickly can we get to market, scale, dominate, [fill-in-the-blank] before our competitors do? At Revelwood we’ve recently replaced our mission statement with something bigger…something we call our Massive Transformative Purpose: We want to help people gain insight from data to have a disruptive impact on their organization, their industry and the world. We realize that the faster our clients are able to leverage insights from their data, the faster they will … Read More

For over two decades, Revelwood has been offering leading edge, high value TM1 and Cognos Express products, solutions and services in the FPM marketplace. Up until a year ago, all of these offerings were managed under a single organization—Revelwood. Given the changing dynamics in the market, with a greater emphasis on self-service products and industry-specific solutions, Revelwood has restructured itself and launched a separate product division called Revelwood Labs. This allows us to put more focus, ownership and strategic emphasis … Read More

We’re pleased to share that yesterday the Revelwood BPM Suite (now called Lightspeed) was named Best FP&A Technology Tool at the Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Conference! The BPM Suite is an out-of-the box implementation accelerator for mid-market and enterprise financial planning, reporting and analytics. It is the first and only fully developed application accelerator for planning, reporting and analytics on the IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator platforms. The judging panel that selected the BPM Suite over competing products … Read More

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