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This is a guest post by Revelwood’s Nina Gordy. Did you know it’s easy to create a simple dashboard in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace? IBM Planning Analytics Workspace dashboards allow you to provide quick and effective information to the end user. The following steps demonstrate how to create a simple dashboard. Navigate to your instance of Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). Select New > Book from template. Note: By selecting New > Book, PAW will automatically open a new tabbed workbook. … Read More

This is a guest blog post from Revelwood’s Nina Gordy. Did you know there are a number of workarounds for unsupported Excel functions in TM1 Web? Have you ever published a TM1 Web report, only to see repeating #NAME errors when you access the report online? These are typically caused by unsupported Excel functions. While TM1 Web does support most Excel functions, there are some that it does not. Here, I’ll demonstrate ways to work within these limitations by providing … Read More

When working with clients to design a TM1 system, I sometimes have clients ask about an approach of building one cube for a model vs. building multiple cubes for a model. What do I mean by that? A cube consists of a single table/database of data whereas a model consists of a series of cubes that are linked together. TM1 is designed to quickly and efficiently link a series of small cubes together, but this style of thinking contradicts the … Read More

Did you know the window of time for upgrading from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics is shortening quickly? You need to upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics in order to complete your 2019 budgeting and planning activities. While that is likely the biggest reason to begin your upgrade now, there are many additional reasons to move to IBM Planning Analytics. A new whitepaper from IBM outlines the powerful new features and enhancements you’ll experience when upgrading from TM1 to IBM Planning … Read More

Did you know there are some simple steps you can take to clean up your TM1 environment?  A quick clean up gives you easier navigations for ad-hoc analysis, as well as smaller dimensions. In today’s world, memory is cheap.  Hard drives that used to be measured in KB quickly became MB, GB and TB.  RAM chips have become larger and computers have become virtualized.  This means that it’s easier to quickly expand the environment where your TM1 model is stored. … Read More

Microsoft Excel is the tool CFOs and finance professionals love to hate. The problem is often a result of trying to use Excel  for complex financial planning and analysis. Excel is simply the wrong tool for that job. In fact, a BARC survey found that specialized planning solutions offer users the following over Excel: 57% improved integration of planning with reporting and analysis 57% increased transparency of planning 53% better quality of planning results 51% more precise/detailed planning 43% increased … Read More


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