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IBM Cognos TM1 Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Jay Apwah.  Did you know that there are reserved local variables that you can use in TurboIntegrator scripts? Reserved local variables are variables that do not need to be defined and are destroyed when the process finishes executing. This blog will describe three variables: Value_is_String, nValue, and sValue.  You will not find these on the variables tab and you cannot re-define them, but they are accessible.  These three variables can be accessed within … Read More

This is a technical bulletin from Revelwood’s Steve Ellis. Did you know that the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 caused Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (PAx) to become unusable?  I will show you how to determine if you have been impacted and how to resolve this. Root Cause:  This is not an issue with PAx.  This incompatibility was caused by the latest Microsoft Office update in May 2018.  IBM has logged the issue with Microsoft, and although Microsoft is … Read More

In today’s disruptive world, “velocity” has become paramount. How quickly can we get to market, scale, dominate, [fill-in-the-blank] before our competitors do? At Revelwood we’ve recently replaced our mission statement with something bigger…something we call our Massive Transformative Purpose: We want to help people gain insight from data to have a disruptive impact on their organization, their industry and the world. We realize that the faster our clients are able to leverage insights from their data, the faster they will … Read More

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