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Data Science Archives – Page 5 of 5 – Revelwood Knowledge Center
Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader, Revelwood.

A great way to explain the analytics maturity and value curve is to use the idea of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Analytics consultants and thought leaders love to frame the field in these terms, if for no other reason than to give a broad, important topic some structure. In a nutshell, let me define these concepts: Descriptive Analytics is backwards looking and focuses on telling users what happened. Examples of questions that descriptive analytics can answer are how many, … Read More

I recently presented the Predictive Customer Intelligence solution from IBM to a group of executives at the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. The audience spanned the retail, insurance and banking industries and all had one common challenge: how can we “do better” by knowing our customers and making smarter, more targeted offers? Some in the group have active analytics programs, while others recognize the need to get started. My story – and that’s where the best predictive analytics discussions … Read More


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