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Data Sceince Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (in which we participate) defines customer analytics as “the collection, management, analysis and strategic leverage of a firm’s granular data about the behavior(s) of its customers … Customer analytics can be characterized as behavioral, longitudinal, inherently granular, forward-looking and multi-platform.” While that may sound very academic – it is, after all, coming from one of the preeminent business schools in the nation – the reality is that customer analytics is being used today by many … Read More

Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader, Revelwood.

Nearly every company we work with has some amount of unstructured or text-based data that they collect from their customers and operations. Data from surveys, notes typed into CRM systems, emails, and more – all these unstructured text data sources can be a wealth of insight. And while everyone has this data, no one we’ve met is satisfied with the way they are leveraging text-based data. IBM’s SPSS Modeler product includes a solution to this challenge – its Text Analytics … Read More

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