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Customer Analytics Archives – Page 2 of 2 – Revelwood Knowledge Center

We recently shared an example of how a client in the insurance industry is using predictive analytics and customer analytics to prioritize lead lists for an average 45% success rate. Another client of ours is a B2B wholesaler who sells to retailers throughout the U.S. They wanted to apply predictive analytics to their digital platform customers use to re-order products. This platform is also used to market products to its customers. We decided to use IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence to … Read More

According to Moorad Choudhry, author of The Principles of Banking, “Banks are going to win business by engaging their customers.” But to engage customers, banks first must know which customers to engage, where and how to engage them, and what offers to engage them with. And the banks that are doing that today are using predictive analytics to do so. Predictive analytics is not just for the big banks. In fact, it has the potential to level the playing field … Read More

I’m delighted to share that at the recent IBM World of Watson 2016 conference with over 17,000 attendees, Revelwood was named the recipient of IBM’s Worldwide Customer Analytics Business Partner of the Year award. It’s the first time ever that IBM has bestowed this award, and Revelwood was selected among all of IBM’s business partners worldwide who are selling Customer Analytics software and services. Earning this award was a collective effort between our rapidly-growing Predictive Analytics team and our clients … Read More



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