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Cognitive Computing Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

“The most critical capability of the CMO is to have a profound, deep understanding of customers and their needs and know how to engage and serve them.  This of course involves knowledge of data and analytics. – Jamie Moldafsky, CMO, Wells Fargo, in “Redefining the CMO,” Deloitte Review, issue 22. According to a recent study by the CMO Council and Deloitte, “CMOs have been increasingly asked to elevate their activities from brand and marketing plan management to acting as an … Read More

Corporate investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to triple in 2017, becoming a $100 billion market by 2025. Last year alone saw $5 billion in machine learning venture investment. In a recent survey, 30% of respondents predicted that AI will be the biggest disruptor to their industry in the next five years. How is AI impacting your industry? What opportunities do you see for the application of AI in your company? Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last five years, … Read More

The era of cognitive computing is here. The biggest proof came during the recent IBM World of Watson conference. More than 17,000 people came together to learn about how cognitive computing is being used—today—in organizations across the world. In a nutshell, cognitive computing enables people and organizations to collectively understand. It helps people do their jobs better. Two of our clients, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance and Cardinal Health told their stories of how they use cognitive computing for customer … Read More

I’m often asked to define cognitive computing. Honestly, it’s not always easy to define. So first, let’s step back and take a look at the overall analytics landscape. Within analytics, you have descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics summarizes what happened. Predictive analytics studies recent and historical data and enables analysts to make predictions about what is likely to happen. Prescriptive analytics defines a set of actions users should take based on predictions. Cognitive computing takes all of this … Read More

I’ve attended the conference that’s now IBM World of Watson for the past six or seven years. While each year brought something new and exciting, I believe this year will be a watershed year where a critical mass of companies begin their journey towards cognitive computing. And attending World of Watson will be the first step in that journey. I worry I sound like an old timer saying this, but just a few years ago this conference was called IBM … Read More