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Budgeting Archives – Page 2 of 16 – Revelwood Knowledge Center

As part of our expanded Customer Care program, we’ve recently launched a new System Administration as a Service (SAaaS) offering for TM1 users and IBM Planning Analytics users. This new program enables you to tap into our many years of experience, staff expertise and managed services infrastructure. We’ll free up your team from the labors of TM1 administration, while handling your general and cycle maintenance needs. TM1 users and Planning Analytics users can chose from two options: Fully Outsourced Coverage … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Have you ever been in a situation where you are looking at an IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) view and quickly want to go back to that view? Did you know that PAW allows you to quickly navigate back to the source with a single click? PAW allows you to easily define the database and cube associated with a cube view by pointing to the top, left corner of the view.   Once … Read More

Did you know that you can easily copy Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) components across sheets or books? PAW allows you to use a feature called “Collect” that serves as the equivalent of copying. You can collect an item by selecting the item and then choosing the Collect option on the shortcut bar. This option is available for views, visualizations, selectors, images, videos and other items on your PAW sheets. Once collected, Planning Analytics will give you quick access to use … Read More

I am an “FP&A guy.” I love this stuff. I love every part of it – from the last-minute changes to the long range planning sessions and everything in between. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of global FP&A and want to share some of my insights and tips and tricks with you all. It has certainly not always gone as planned and I have had my share of missteps. At times, I … Read More

Did you know that you can now easily define your client version of Planning Analytics via an Excel formula? There are many ways to determine your version of Planning Analytics. Some of these approaches include reviewing log files, right clicking on executable files, or simply clicking on a Help/About option. Planning Analytics version 2.0.0 introduces an easy approach get your client information via the use of an Excel formula. The formula TM1INFO can be used to return information about your … Read More

Did you know that your parameters for VIEWCREATE and SUBSCREATE must be in sync? Earlier this year we wrote a blog post about a new parameter that can be used with both the VIEWCREATE function and the SUBSETCREATE function. This new parameter allows TurboIntegrator to create temporary components that are deleted when the script closes. There is, however, an important rule about the compatibility of the settings: Temporary subsets cannot be assigned to permanent views. Since a temporary subset is … Read More


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