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Budgeting Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

Our second video demo in our new series, “How to Create a Cube in IBM Planning Analytics,” shows you how to create a cube from dimensions. It builds on the first video in the series, which demonstrates three different methodologies to create dimensions. In this new video, Lee Lazarow first explains Revelwood’s approach to prefixes, which sets the stage for creating a cube. From there, viewers see step-by-step how to: Create names for dimensions Add dimensions to a cube Re-order … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know there may be several situations during development where you may want to clear all of the data from a specific cube? This could be due to a new process to reload data, a second round of user testing, or a migration from DEV to PROD.  There are a few approaches that can be used to clear data from a cube.  One approach is to create of a view which consists … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series How is your budget/budget prep coming along? Have you set aside time to rethink your process? In that last installment of FP&A Done Right, we started our enumeration of the problems with traditional budgeting. Before I discuss several more, here is a reminder of the last few problems: Time consuming and costly Quickly irrelevant and outdated Financial process largely disconnected from specific drivers Let me highlight more now and then we will move towards some alternative … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Series Did you know one of the great things about Excel is that there are many built-in functions that calculate values associated with specific industries? One of these industries is the financial industry where Excel is sometimes used to calculate values associated with annuities. But did you know that some of these formulas are also built into Planning Analytics for use within rules? Here are three annuity formulas that can be used in Planning Analytics rules: The … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know one of the great things about creating TM1 Web sheets is that you simply need to create an Excel sheet and then press a button called Publish? This will convert your Planning Analytics formulas into a web-based interface that your users can easily access. In addition to the Planning Analytics formulas, IBM is continuing to expand the use of Excel’s native formulas.  Planning Analytics version 2.0.7 introduced the use of … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know that rules are used in TM1 to perform live calculations without the need for any manual intervention or on-demand scripts? This is a very powerful aspect of Planning Analytics and, when used properly, increase the value of the tool for your users. There are some aspects of rules that I often see people forgetting. Here are some friendly reminders about how to use these components properly: Division TM1 offers two … Read More


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