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Budgeting Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

This is a guest blog post from Revelwood’s Nina Gordy. Did you know there are a number of workarounds for unsupported Excel functions in TM1 Web? Have you ever published a TM1 Web report, only to see repeating #NAME errors when you access the report online? These are typically caused by unsupported Excel functions. While TM1 Web does support most Excel functions, there are some that it does not. Here, I’ll demonstrate ways to work within these limitations by providing … Read More

Microsoft Excel is the tool CFOs and finance professionals love to hate. The problem is often a result of trying to use Excel  for complex financial planning and analysis. Excel is simply the wrong tool for that job. In fact, a BARC survey found that specialized planning solutions offer users the following over Excel: 57% improved integration of planning with reporting and analysis 57% increased transparency of planning 53% better quality of planning results 51% more precise/detailed planning 43% increased … Read More

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Jay Apwah.  Did you know that there are reserved local variables that you can use in TurboIntegrator scripts? Reserved local variables are variables that do not need to be defined and are destroyed when the process finishes executing. This blog will describe three variables: Value_is_String, nValue, and sValue.  You will not find these on the variables tab and you cannot re-define them, but they are accessible.  These three variables can be accessed within … Read More

Did you know TM1 allows users to create alias names for elements within your model? This is a great approach that allows you to give different names to the same element. For example, account 601 can also be displayed in reports as “601 – Comp Expense”. Many clients have asked me for an easy way to do something similar with dimension and cube names since many of these are often created with some form of prefix (example: a glbProduct dimension … Read More

Did you know you can easily control your logs, making them easier to navigate? Your TM1 server tracks data transactions made in the system. When a cube value is changed, TM1 records the change in a transaction log file named Tm1s.log. The values in the log can be used as an audit trail and can also be used as part of a data restoration approach in the event of a server crash. While logging is a great auditing tool and … Read More

Did you know that there are three different ways to define the false section of an IF statement?  The approach you choose will impact how the cell calculates a result.  In this blog post, we discuss these options and when to use each one. TM1 uses a standard approach to the concept of an IF statement:              IF (Argument, True Result, False Result) This approach is great when you have specific values for both the … Read More


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