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Budgeting Planning & Forecasting Archives – Page 8 of 10 – Revelwood Knowledge Center

Did you know there are some simple steps you can take to clean up your TM1 environment?  A quick clean up gives you easier navigations for ad-hoc analysis, as well as smaller dimensions. In today’s world, memory is cheap.  Hard drives that used to be measured in KB quickly became MB, GB and TB.  RAM chips have become larger and computers have become virtualized.  This means that it’s easier to quickly expand the environment where your TM1 model is stored. … Read More

Microsoft Excel is the tool CFOs and finance professionals love to hate. The problem is often a result of trying to use Excel  for complex financial planning and analysis. Excel is simply the wrong tool for that job. In fact, a BARC survey found that specialized planning solutions offer users the following over Excel: 57% improved integration of planning with reporting and analysis 57% increased transparency of planning 53% better quality of planning results 51% more precise/detailed planning 43% increased … Read More

Nucleus Research’s “CPM Technology Value Matrix 2017” named IBM a leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions and found that “recent changes to its CPM products focus both on personal functionality and usability, empowering a greater diversity of individual users with more tools.”   Based on its assessment of 17 vendors offering CPM products, the research firm determined that there are two types of CPM products: “those that are tightly integrated with Excel and those that try to reimagine CPM … Read More

Did you know you can create a single hierarchy that contains all year-to-date values within an entire year? As you know, TM1 is a consolidation tool which is designed to sum together a series of values.  There are many ways to create the consolidations using a combination of grand totals and sub totals.  This blog specifically addresses the year-to-date (YTD) hierarchy associated with a time dimension. Many clients prefer to create a single hierarchy that contains all YTD values within … Read More

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Jay Apwah.  Did you know that there are reserved local variables that you can use in TurboIntegrator scripts? Reserved local variables are variables that do not need to be defined and are destroyed when the process finishes executing. This blog will describe three variables: Value_is_String, nValue, and sValue.  You will not find these on the variables tab and you cannot re-define them, but they are accessible.  These three variables can be accessed within … Read More

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. Did you know that you can prevent data entry to TM1 in TM1 Web websheets? Here are a couple of different ways to do this. The first approach can be used for input templates. Use this approach when you want your users to be able to enter data for certain cells/columns, but not others. By default, every cell in an Excel worksheet has the ‘Locked’ property set. This property has no … Read More


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