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Beyond Budgeting Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

I am an “FP&A guy.” I love this stuff. I love every part of it – from the last-minute changes to the long range planning sessions and everything in between. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of global FP&A and want to share some of my insights and tips and tricks with you all. It has certainly not always gone as planned and I have had my share of missteps. At times, I … Read More

We recently hosted a NYC-based TM1 Lovers Meetup at the IBM offices at 590 Madison in Midtown. The networking and educational event drew Revelwood clients who currently use TM1 and/or Planning Analytics, other TM1 and Planning Analytics users from the Tri-State area, IBMers and members of the Revelwood team. After some networking time (with appetizers and cocktails), Rob Gordy, our VP of Professional Services, held an interactive discussion with the attendees on best practices and practical tips on migrating from … Read More

The old school annual budgeting and planning process is just that – old school. Today’s forward-thinking FP&A executives, managers, and analysts instead are embracing continuous planning and rolling forecasting. Rolling forecasting is the process of simulating profit and loss for a company on a rolling basis. Many FP&A executives who’ve led their company’s transition from the inefficient annual budgeting process to one of continuous planning and rolling forecasting will tell you it was one of the bst decisions they’ve made … Read More

Did you know that TM1 offers an easy way for you to convert GMT times to local times?  Do you get tired of seeing your message log records in GMT?  Are you frustrated that you have to convert times from GMT to local time?  Does the concept of daylight savings time annoy you?  Well, there’s not much that TM1 can do about that last question, but it does offer a solution to the first two. TM1 contains many of your … Read More

Recently I had the opportunity to hear my CEO, Ken Wolf, speak at the New Jersey Chapter of Financial Executive Internationals on the much debated topic of rolling forecasts. A former accountant, self-proclaimed rolling forecast advocate, and CEO of a performance management software company, I knew this topic was quite familiar to him. As the members of FEI gathered at their Morristown, NJ headquarters for the April peer-to-peer breakfast forum, I had a feeling that this morning’s session was going … Read More

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