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Analytics Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. Did you know IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) has a new feature that lets you easily duplicate sheets? Have you ever created a template or dashboard in PAW and thought, “This is a great format. I wish I could quickly replicate this sheet to show several different views of the same information?” PAW has a great feature called ‘Duplicate’ that will allow you to duplicate a sheet as many times as … Read More

Two of our partners – Adaptive Insights and IBM — are featured as Leaders in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions.” This report was previously called the “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions.” The report includes some overall market trends, which include: An accelerated shift from mature on-premises offerings to cloud solutions Finance leaders are turning to SaaS solutions to reduce application support costs, increase application flexibility and shorten time to value The … Read More

Did you know IBM Planning Analytics has a new function called “Default Members?” This is different from default subsets. Default members are what is used if you were to simply drag a dimension into a Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx) sheet or a Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) book. Below is what it looks like when dragged into PAx: The default members isn’t as simple as saving a subset, however. It is maintained in a Planning Analytics control cube called “}HierarchyProperties.” … Read More

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Jay Apwah. Did you know that since IBM Planning Analytics was released on the cloud, there have been changes to IBM Planning Analytics server configuration parameters? New parameters have been introduced, existing ones have had their default values changed, and the behavior upon changing has changed for some others. This blog post briefly describes the eight changes.   New Parameters: There are a handful of new parameters that have been introduced. Here is … Read More

In response to customer requests, we’ve been expanding our Customer Care program. The newest option is a Performance Tune-Up. Proper maintenance of your TM1/Planning Analytics environment is the key to overall good health and performance. Think of our team as your “mechanics” for your solution. You take your car to the auto shop for regular tune-ups. Why not do the same for TM1/Planning Analytics? We’ve designed this service to make sure your system is running at its best. It is … Read More

Did you know that you can easily synchronize your selectors with your IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) components? PAW allows you to synchronize your widgets to a selector or set of selectors. This ensures that a change in your selected elements impacts all of the widgets on your page. Synchronization is defined by clicking on the dashboard properties and selecting the option for “Synchronization scope.”   You will be given the option to synchronize items for the selected sheet or … Read More


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