Customer Care Program: Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up Is Live!
Customer Care Program: Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up Is Live!

Revelwood’s Customer Care offering is now complete! I am excited to announce that the third prong in our suite of Customer Care services, the Performance Tune-Up, is ready to go. Our Performance Tune-Up, along with the other two services, System Administration as a Service and Help Desk, will make sure your TM1 or IBM Planning Analytics system doesn’t fail when you need it most. It’s all about providing you with the peace of mind that Revelwood has your back when you need us. You choose the level of service that fits you best and we take care of the rest.

While our goal is to make you self-sufficient with respect to your solution and processes, we understand that there are times where a second set of hands is very important. Whether you want us to handle all or part of your system administration or you want to take advantage of our “phone a friend” option or if you want recurring check points to ensure your system is continually tweaked and updated so it changes with your business, Revelwood has you covered. Now I want to focus a bit on our final Customer Care offering, the Performance Tune-Up.

To maintain peak performance levels, Revelwood offers recurring, scheduled maintenance of your Planning Analytics application. This is accomplished through a combination of interviews and detailed technical reviews of your cube models, business processes and technical environment. The Tune-Up includes Annual and Quarterly components which cover general technical and business topics that may affect the health of your system.

Annual Tune-Up services are completed once per year and focus on general business concerns/changes and the technical health of your overall solution. Quarterly Tune-Up services provide a deep dive into one model per quarter and focus on five key components which are measured across five overarching categories. Revelwood will review your model’s performance, maintainability, integrity, usability and security for your TurboIntegrator processes, entry templates, rules, model structure and reports.

Everyone knows that proper maintenance is the key to maintaining overall good health and performance. You don’t think twice about going to a mechanic for scheduled tune-ups or heading to your doctor for routine well visits. So why would you assume that your TM1/Planning Analytics solution will simply take care of itself?

With constant changes to your processes and system usage, how can you afford NOT to include Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up as part of your normal maintenance routine? Without proper care and feeding, your solution may not be ready when you need it most. Don’t let your investment suffer a slow decline. Let Revelwood’s Performance Tune-Up offering help you ensure continued success tomorrow.

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