Revelwood’s Help Desk Tackles TM1 & IBM Planning Analytics Challenges
Revelwood’s Help Desk Tackles TM1 & IBM Planning Analytics Challenges

Most of us have workdays that force us to choose between spending time on tasks that are urgent versus tasks that are vital. As a TM1 or IBM Planning Analytics administrator, that may mean having to answer urgent (or, really not-so-urgent) general user support questions when you would much rather spend your time designing a new model to for that major corporate strategic initiative. Or building the business case on why you should migrate from TM1 to Planning Analytics now, before your Finance team starts to do its 2019 budgeting and planning and hits a wall.

We understand your challenges and we’re here to help. You can turn to our new Help Desk and send those urgent (and not-so-urgent) issues our way, while you make the best use of your time. Revelwood’s TM1/Planning Analytics Help Desk can help you diagnose, troubleshoot and solve bugs and other issues related to your entire TM1/Planning Analytics environment. We can also work with you on all of your customizations and configurations. You can even have your users contact us directly. But that’s not all — our new Help Desk is a subscription-based service offering. You pay one monthly fee, which gives you unlimited access to our help desk team. Now, not only can you put a set budget in place for your TM1/Planning Analytics support needs, but you can also turn to us for help without worrying about the cost to you!

Revelwood Help Desk Admin Support Plan

This is a Level II plan, where you provide Level I support to your end users, while we provide Admin support to authorized individuals that you designate. You and your authorized individuals will funnel questions and issues from your end users first, enabling your team to prioritize issues and rely on our team where you feel we are needed the most.

Revelwood Help Desk End-User Support Plan

This is a Level I plan where Revelwood will serve as Level I support for your end-users who use TM1/Planning Analytics on a regular basis. We can answer whatever questions they have, freeing you up to focus on higher-value tasks. This plan also includes Level II support.

Let us take the “headaches” off your to-do list so you can focus on the vital projects on your list. We can partner with you to help ensure your TM1/Planning Analytics environment is up and running smoothly. Both plans are available as a subscription service, giving you peace of mind from a budget perspective and a support perspective!

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