Revelwood Named Adaptive Insights Partner Rising Star of the Year
Revelwood Named Adaptive Insights Partner Rising Star of the Year

Last week Revelwood was named Adaptive Insights Partner Rising Star of the Year at Adaptive’s Annual Partner Rally, which took place in Pleasanton, California. When presenting the award, Adaptive cited Revelwood’s determination, passion, thought leadership and overall knowledge and success in the space.

This is a tremendous honor for us as we officially began our partnership with Adaptive Insights last fall. Since then, we have been included in a number of Adaptive events. As part of these events, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Adaptive clients and prospects about how the Office of Finance can be a value-add to the overall organization, and how FP&A encompasses people, process, and technology. Companies cannot simply think about an FP&A solution as just technology. The most successful FP&A solutions factor in the overall business, business goals, and long-term vision and plans – not just selecting and implementing a technology.

Revelwood CEO Ken Wolf receiving the award
Revelwood CEO, Ken Wolf, receives Adaptive Insights Partner Rising Star of the Year award from the Adaptive executive team. From left to right: Tom Bogan, Mary-Beth Yantz, Ken Wolf, Fred Gewant, Mel Zeledon.

“We’re very proud to have received the Adaptive Insights Partner Rising Star of the Year award for 2019. It is a testament to our deep commitment to our partnership with Adaptive and the value we can offer their customers and prospects,” said Ken Wolf, CEO, Revelwood. “Adaptive believes that our thought leadership and deep understanding of FP&A, coupled with our experience in implementing large-scale FP&A projects, puts us in an excellent position to partner with them as they scale to the enterprise marketplace.”

We’ve invested significantly in our partnership with Adaptive. We’re able to leverage our more than 20 years of experience designing, building and implementing FP&A solutions to the work we are doing with clients using Adaptive.

Additionally, on a personal note, I was very impressed with how Adaptive is building out its partner ecosystem. There is a shared understanding that FPM in the cloud is a very large opportunity for all of us. They have done a great job at eliminating the “channel conflicts” often seen with other software vendors.

Adaptive has made it very clear they are focused on the end user and delivering new, meaningful functionality. That focus aligns nicely with Revelwood and we bring our unique expertise into all client conversations. In some cases, we’ll even push back a bit to ensure that you are building a solution that is scalable and capable of flexing as your business changes in the future.  All in the name of partnering to deliver the best complete FP&A solutions – people, process and technology.


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