Revelwood Launches “The Capabilities of Adaptive Insights” Video Demo Series
Revelwood Launches “The Capabilities of Adaptive Insights” Video Demo Series

We’ve exciting news for those who follow our award-winning Adaptive Insights practice. This week we’re launching a new four-part YouTube series, “The Capabilities of Adaptive Insights.”

In these short videos Revelwood’s Ken DiSessa walks you through how quickly and easily you can do specific activities and tasks in Adaptive Insights cloud-based business planning software. The first video, “Dashboarding in Adaptive Insights” features Ken demonstrating how easy it is to use Adaptive Insight’s dashboard capability. He’ll show you how to build some of the 13 different types of charts, including KPI charts, bar charts, pie charts and more.

You’ll also be able to see how some things that are extremely difficult and hard in Excel are easy in Adaptive – specifically, waterfall charts.

Dashboarding in Adaptive Insights

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