Revelwood Labs - How We're Adding Value to your Analytics Investment
Revelwood Labs - How We're Adding Value to your Analytics Investment

For over two decades, Revelwood has been offering leading edge, high value TM1 and Cognos Express products, solutions and services in the FPM marketplace. Up until a year ago, all of these offerings were managed under a single organization—Revelwood. Given the changing dynamics in the market, with a greater emphasis on self-service products and industry-specific solutions, Revelwood has restructured itself and launched a separate product division called Revelwood Labs. This allows us to put more focus, ownership and strategic emphasis on new products and solutions that meet our clients’ needs and those of the ever-expanding analytics market space.

This year, for example, we relaunched our former BPM Suite accelerator as an all new cloud-based solution (also offered on-premise) that leverages the best of Planning Analytics Workspace, TM1 Web, CAFÉ and Watson Analytics, yet still powered by the industry leading TM1 multidimensional database engine. Called Lightspeed, this solution helps our clients get up and running faster and smarter, with pre-built FP&A functionality and embedded best practices from hundreds of TM1 implementations over the years.

Also in 2016, we launched our first ever mobile app called Quantum. It’s designed to untether TM1 administrators from their desktops and allow them to access and manage their TM1 environments anytime, from anywhere. Quantum launched on the Android platform at IBM Vision back in May and comes out on the iOS platform for Apple devices next week. The iOS beta launch is by invitation only, so please contact us if you are interested. It’s incredibly convenient, easy to use and totally FREE!

More importantly, Revelwood Labs has developed a roadmap that will enable us to continue developing products and solutions that add significant value to our customers’ analytic agendas. Right now we are working on several industry solutions that incorporate the use of TM1, SPSS, Watson Analytics and other IBM analytic product offerings. We are also working on a next generation solution to Revelwood’s Performance Toolkit that incorporates the “best of” functionality from Dynamo!, Data Manager and Application Manager for the CAFÉ environment.

There is much to look forward to from Revelwood in the months and years to come. We are confident that the creation of Revelwood Labs will help us help you get more value and results from your IBM analytic investments.

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