Revelwood Hero: Mike Briscoe, an IBM Cognos TM1 Wizard
Revelwood Hero: Mike Briscoe, an IBM Cognos TM1 Wizard

Mike Briscoe’s colleagues at a real estate investment trust consider him an IBM Cognos TM1 “wizard,” and go to him for anything related to reports. In fact, there isn’t a TM1 report that Mike can’t create.

“With less time spent gathering information we’re able to look for trends and analyze data very easily and quickly, positively impacting the performance of our business,” says Mike, vice president of information management.

Mike’s company hand-picked him to lead the charge on transitioning the company’s budgeting and reporting processes to TM1. Why TM1? Simply put, to make it easier to create budgeting and financial reports.

“As the company grew, reporting became much more difficult, especially when we needed more detail behind the numbers in the report,” commented Mike.

In order to move rapidly from selecting TM1 to having a fully deployed budgeting and reporting system, Mike chose to work with Revelwood’s expert TM1 consultants. Mike found our team “very adept at picking up on our business and our requirements.”

Mike and his company are a shining example of the type of success TM1 brings. Massive reports that used to take three or four people until 2:00am every night over 10 days are now completed in less than a day. Intrigued? Get more details on Mike’s accomplishments with TM1.

What would you do to become a TM1 wizard, getting untold kudos from your company?

At Revelwood, we make heroes of our clients by empowering them with performance management solutions. To learn more about becoming a hero, click here.


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