Are you ready for your Finance Transformation or new FP&A Solution?
Are you ready for your Finance Transformation or new FP&A Solution?

Are you ready for a new FP&A solution?

Have you been thinking about replacing your current management reporting and forecasting/planning solution? Maybe you have outgrown your current system? Perhaps you are snickering now because you are still just using Excel and you’re thinking, “What system?” Maybe you are just tired of Excel and all of its limitations? What if I told you there was a way to enhance your current systems and processes (whether in Excel or some other tool) that allows you to be more nimble, collaborative, secure, and responsive to senior management’s requests?

Perhaps you have decided that you will look at a new system once you have a chance to wrap your head around all of your global processes and work to standardize them? Daunting. I know because I have been there. I was the global implementation lead for a new FP&A solution at a Fortune 300 company. I remember how embarrassing it was sometimes when someone else inherited “my” spreadsheets! I understand the potential pitfalls and speed bumps along the way because I have hit many of them! In short, I have been in your shoes.

There are many reasons to start down the path of transforming your FP&A processes and systems. If any of these scenarios fit you, it may be time for you to start your journey:

  • You have disparate systems and processes across business units, geographies and corporate functions
  • There is a lack of standardization and/or automation of technology and process
  • You lack integrated functionality within legacy applications across your organization
  • There is a lack of data governance and control
  • You have limited reporting capabilities (for example, Excel schedules are used to standardize outputs)
  • There are no real-time, collaborative tools
  • You lack engagement and/or internal resources

In addition to these all-too-common scenarios in the Office of Finance, sometimes the most important reason to start the transformation is simply that your FP&A process is not always aligned to Finance’s vision and purpose.

When I was in your shoes, my organization was rolling out a multi-million-dollar ERP and Planning/Reporting system within a three-year time frame. I was tasked with creating the global strategy for the new forecasting and management reporting tool. This included directing the overall implementation and driving process standardization across multiple teams, including corporate and field operations, and all back office support functions.

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