Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 30 – Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 30 – Analytics that impact.

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series This is a guest post from Shane Bethea. Did you know that most TM1/Planning Analytics development can now be done in Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? PAW has a lot of development capabilities and allows modelers to do most development that would have previously been done in Perspectives. In addition, PAW has new development capabilities that are not available in Perspectives. There are six modeling widgets available in a PAW book. Dimension editor Cube … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know IBM Planning Analytics’ snap commands can serve as a spellcheck for you? In today’s Twitter and text based world, misspellings (or abbreviations, as some people call them) have become a way of life. It’s virtually impossible to make it through a day without seeing a reference to “ur”, “imho” or some other form of abbreviation. For those of you who use these abbreviations regularly, you will be happy to know … Read More

“Why?” “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” It’s maddening, right?  We’ve all been there. Every time you answer a question, another one is immediately fired back. Thankfully, my two sons have grown out of that stage. I, however, have not. If you were to ask me to list the traits of a great FP&A practitioner, Intellectual Curiosity would be at the top of the list. Without that, you simply become a task doer. While “doers” fill a very important role, your entire … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know IBM Planning Analytics has snap commands that allow you to use natural language wording to perform simple tasks?  One example of this entails the use of sorting data within a view. We can start with a simple view that shows operating expenses by quarter. We can sort this by simply typing “sort Q1 2016” into the snap command window. By default, the sort command sorts the values in ascending order. … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Many of you know that Planning Analytics Workspace books allow you utilize templates, but did you know there is a difference between the options that show a solid frame vs. the options that show a dotted frame? Creating a new PAW book is as easy as clicking the “New” button and then selecting how you want to define the book. One way to do this is to utilize a pre-built template which defines … Read More

This is a guest blog post from our partner Adaptive Insights.
When it comes to business, collaboration is vital. After all, no single department can do its job for long without the other departments pulling their own weight. Sales is no good if shipping can’t deliver; marketing falls flat if customer service keeps alienating users; everything grinds to a halt if human resources doesn’t provide the appropriate staffing. Read More


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