Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 28 – Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 28 – Analytics that impact.

FP&A Done Right Series Current Location. Destination. That’s it. That is all you need to provide your favorite mapping app for it to create a route. No current location? You will not know where to begin or how long it will take to get there. No destination? You will drive aimlessly with no end in sight. Your finance transformation or business process improvement is no different. We all recognize the need to determine our future state. But you also need … Read More

This is a guest blog post from Rob Hull, founder, Adaptive Insights Scramble like hell to pull together a budget. Execute against that budget regardless of changes in the business. Repeat the budget scramble in 12 months. If your corporate planning process still looks like this, then you’re likely stuck in static planning. By that I mean a planning, reporting, and analytics process that’s siloed, largely manual, almost always built around spreadsheets, and constrained by limited insights into the operations … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) has new features? Version 2.0.39 of PAW introduced the ability for buttons to run Turbo Integrator processes. When creating a button, you now have the option to set the target to “Run Process”. Once selected, you will have drop down selectors to define the server where the process is located and the name of the process. You can also control the parameters. They can be … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know that there are new features in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? We’ll cover these new features in the next few blog posts. Today, we’ll discuss how you can set your data refresh definitions directly from the short cut bar. The “Grid Refresh” option allows you to determine when your data refreshes. This parameter gives you two options:   After each context change: when selected, data will be refreshed anytime the structure … Read More

Fly…Fly; Ring…Ring; Wave…Wave; Bat…Bat In the above examples: Am I talking about a fly that’s buzzing around my head or are we getting on a plane to fly somewhere? Is that the ring from a telephone or a fancy diamond ring? Did someone just wave at you from across the room or are we going surfing on a big wave? Did we just see a bat fly out of a cave or did I pick up my bat and step … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series This is a guest blog post from Revelwood’s Jay Apwah. Did you know that you can access Planning Analytics Virtual Hierarchies in Cognos Analytics? Prior to Planning Analytics 2.0 (PA) and Cognos Analytics 11.0.6 (CA) the limiting factor in reporting cube design was related to product limitations that existed in CA at the time. In order to use level-based or relative functions in CA, one had to name the levels of the reporting … Read More


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