Is your organization ready for financial analytics?
Is your organization ready for financial analytics?

We all suffer from FOMO. Fear of missing out. Perhaps you’re worried all your peers and competitors are already far down the path of using financial analytics to make more strategic decisions, drive better business results and gain competitive advantage. But FOMO is the wrong reason to start on a strategic initiative. So how do you know if your organization is ready for financial analytics?

Ventana Research, a technology research and advisory firm, has developed a financial analytics self-assessment for organizations to find out how ready they are to move forward. After answering a few multiple choice questions, you’ll understand if your organization is ready to:

  • Use analytics—including predictive analytics—in your financial planning and analysis process
  • Focus on the most important elements of the analytical process
  • Make decisions based on accurate data, shared easily across your organization

You can take this revealing self-assessment here. Discover where you stand with your financial readiness and what steps you can take now to move forward with financial analytics.

This Ventana self-assessment tool was provided to Revelwood courtesy of IBM’s partner program.

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