Migrating from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics
Migrating from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics

By now most TM1 and Cognos Express PM users are aware they need to migrate from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. IBM has made significant changes to its Financial Performance Management product line, which includes rebranding TM1 and Cognos Express PM to IBM Planning Analytics. The changes go beyond a name change – TM1 will remain the underlying engine for Planning Analytics, but the overall product is undergoing drastic changes to improve the user and developer experience.

Over the past few months we’ve held a series of webinars focused on migrating from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. The series consisted of four different webinars, each focused on a specific aspect of IBM Planning Analytics that TM1 users need to understand before they plan out their migration. In most cases, our webinars consisted of an overview, followed by a live demo conducted by Dan Bernatchez, Revelwood’s TM1 guru, and a real-time Q&A.

We’ve recorded these IBM Planning Analytics webinars and they are available for viewing on demand. They should help you as you begin to think about your migration from TM1 to Planning Analytics.

Introduction to IBM Planning Analytics Workspace – In this webinar we showcase the new, transformative experience for web and mobile users that enables self-service reporting, dashboards and visualizations.

Introduction to IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (Pax) – We explain and demonstrate PAx, formerly known as CAFÉ, and highlight features including:

  • Support for TM1 functions-based reports (Custom Reports), Active Forms (Dynamic Reports) and Flex Views (Quick Reports)
  • The ability to publish PAx reports to TM1 Web
  • Support for the new hierarchies features of TM1

Introduction to IBM Planning Analytics – Hierarchies – We provide an overview of the hierarchies concept and explain:

  • The impact of applying hierarchies to your TM1 models
  • The use of hierarchies in Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)
  • How to create hierarchies via Planning Analytics Workspace
  • New TM1 Turbo Integrator functions that apply to hierarchies

IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics Migration – In this webinar, Dan goes into detail about the additional effort needed to unlock all the great features inside Planning Analytics. He answers key questions TM1 users have about migrating to Planning Analytics, including:

  • What’s happening with TM1 and Planning Analytics?
  • Why is this migration important to you and what implications does it hold for your organization?
  • What changes will you see in the new Planning Analytics environment?
  • How do you get there?

Revelwood’s Planning Analytics Migration Program

Planning Analytics is the most significant upgrade to TM1 that we’ve seen in at least 10 years. It will have a fundamental impact on your use of TM1, even if you don’t choose to take advantage of all the great new functionality available to enhance your TM1 application. Since migrating from TM1 to Planning Analytics presents a great opportunity for organizations to examine and assess their TM1 environments, we’ve put together a migration program to help you take advantage of this. Our Planning Analytics Migration program has three steps:

Step 1: Impact Plan – Attend a complimentary, one-on-one call with Revelwood to discuss your current TM1 environment and formulate a high-level impact and timing plan for your migration to Planning Analytics. This will include addressing cloud vs. on-premise options.

Step 2: Roadmap – Engage Revelwood for 1-2 days to come onsite and work with you on a detailed review and assessment of your current TM1 application, discuss migration strategy, including how to leverage the benefits of the new features, and develop a work plan and estimate for the migration.

Step 3: Implement – Work with Revelwood to perform the Planning Analytics upgrade and migration to take advantage of all the new functionality in Planning Analytics.

Interested? Contact me at 201.984.3025 or jprasisto@revelwood.com to scheduled your Impact Plan call described in Step 1. There’s no obligation to proceed to steps 2 and 3. This call will help you understand how product changes will you and develop your roadmap for migration.

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