Revelwood's Massive Transformative Purpose
Revelwood's Massive Transformative Purpose

In today’s disruptive world, “velocity” has become paramount. How quickly can we get to market, scale, dominate, [fill-in-the-blank] before our competitors do? At Revelwood we’ve recently replaced our mission statement with something bigger…something we call our Massive Transformative Purpose:

We want to help people gain insight from data to have a disruptive impact on their organization, their industry and the world.

We realize that the faster our clients are able to leverage insights from their data, the faster they will win in their respective markets.

In late 2016 we launched an all-new version of our planning accelerator for the office of finance and dubbed it Lightspeed. It’s designed to help Revelwood clients formulate plans and gain insight from those plans as fast as possible. To be a value-added partner to other parts of the business, Finance needs to be able to help those partners see and understand the financial implications of their decisions so they can act quickly. Lightspeed, which runs on IBM’s Planning Analytics (formerly TM1) platform helps clients do just that. To learn more about our views on how today’s disruption is affecting the office of finance, download our Manifesto on the subject.

More recently in late 2017 we launched BULLSEYE™ out of our Data Science practice. BULLSEYE also runs on IBM technology. It’s a hosted, turnkey solution for marketers to help them answer their most important customer analytics questions:

  • Which customers are most likely to churn in the next 30 days?
  • Which customers are most likely to buy our most popular product?
  • Who is likely to spend based on click frequency?

These marketers can then act on the answers by incorporating them into their marketing campaigns and activities in a much more targeted way to drive revenue uplift. BULLSEYE is also an accelerator of sorts, helping our clients unlock the value in their data as quickly as possible to drive results.

We cannot operate at the same speed we used to in today’s world. It’s time to step up our game. One way to do so is by harnessing an asset we already own, our data, to drive revenue growth and profitability. We’re ready to help you take on your own Massive Transformative Purpose too, in order to step up your game. Talk to us if you want to get a jump start on your own company’s acceleration. Or can you afford to wait and watch what your competition is going to do?

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