Introducing IBM Planning Analytics Local
Introducing IBM Planning Analytics Local

IBM Planning Analytics Local, the convergence of TM1 on-premise with Planning Analytics on the cloud is now available! This new release brings many of the great enhancements and performance improvements that IBM has been making in the cloud environment available to on-premise TM1 customers.

I recently hosted a webinar with Dan Bernatchez, our FPM practice leader and Chief Solutions Architect for TM1, to review the new features of the solution and provided a live demo of Planning Analytics Local. You can view a recorded version of the webinar here. Or, you can download a copy of the PowerPoint slides.

One highlight of the webinar included Dan showcasing Planning Analytics Workspace, which is a completely transformed user experience. This new “face” of TM1 provides a rich, interactive workspace that is visual, intuitive, insightful, social and mobile.

Dan also explained how Planning Analytics Local uses hierarchies for deeper analysis of TM1 data. Essentially it turns attributes into virtual dimensions, saving RAM, increasing query performance and adding flexibility. This enables users to have smaller, faster cubes, to introduce hierarchies to queries as needed, and to do dimension versioning.

Since Planning Analytics Workspace is the one new component that comes at an additional cost, IBM is offering a special 75% discount for existing TM1 customers who purchase it before year-end 2016. For information on this pricing deal, contact me and I can help you.

This webinar was the first in a three-part series showcasing IBM Planning Analytics. Stay tuned for the dates and topics of the next two webinars coming in early 2017.

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