IBM Planning Analytics Tips &Tricks Video Demo: MDX in TM1
IBM Planning Analytics Tips &Tricks Video Demo: MDX in TM1

This is a guest post and video by Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. 

Did you know IBM Cognos TM1 has a unique implementation of MDX, with TM1-specific functions and expressions? MDX, which stands for multidimensional expressions and is similar to SQL, is for multidimensional data in OLAP cubes. It is used by many different vendors for their OLAP solutions, but TM1 uses it in some product-specific ways.

Watch this short demo I’ve created and you’ll learn:

  • what MDX is, and how to use it in TM1
  • how to record MDX in a dynamic subset
  • how to use MDX to filter dimension elements on cube values.

Your first question might be, “why do I need or care about MDX?” MDX can be used for many things, including:

  • to query data in a TM1 cube, via Turbo Integrator processes
  • to filter dimensions based on a condition, attribute values or cube values
  • to create dynamic dimension subsets
  • to create custom TM1 Active Forms


IBM Planning Analytics, which TM1 is the engine for,  is full of new features and functionality. Not sure where to start?  Our team here at Revelwood can help.  Contact us for more information at  And stay tuned for more Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks weekly in our Knowledge Center and in upcoming newsletters!


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