IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: Using Excel to get Client Information
IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: Using Excel to get Client Information

Did you know that you can now easily define your client version of Planning Analytics via an Excel formula?

There are many ways to determine your version of Planning Analytics. Some of these approaches include reviewing log files, right clicking on executable files, or simply clicking on a Help/About option. Planning Analytics version 2.0.0 introduces an easy approach get your client information via the use of an Excel formula.

The formula TM1INFO can be used to return information about your current TM1 client version.  The syntax of the formula is:


The formula allows for a series of parameters:



Returns the full client version number.



Returns the major client version number.



Returns the minor client version number.



Returns fix pack and hotfix number.


For example, the formula =TM1INFO(“clientversionmajor”) may give you a result of 11 whereas  =TM1INFO(“clientversion”) would give a more detailed result of 11.0.00200.

This new approach gives you an easy way to monitor your client version and help ensure consistency throughout your organization.

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