IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: The Benefits of Using Hierarchies
IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: The Benefits of Using Hierarchies

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Nina Gordy

Did you know there are several benefits to using hierarchies in IBM Planning Analytics?

Hierarchies are one of the additional features available in Planning Analytics. The main benefit of hierarchies is that they enable users to see alternative data rollups in the same view. There are several reasons to take advantage of this new approach to interacting with your data.

Hierarchies can improve query performance. Modeling attributes as hierarchies instead of dimensions can save memory space. This allows for cubes with fewer dimensions, while using hierarchies as virtual dimensions.

 Attributes can be turned into hierarchies. Hierarchies provide greater flexibility. Updating a hierarchy is as easy as updating an attribute. A single dimension can contain multiple hierarchies, and multiple hierarchies can be displayed in the same view.

 Hierarchies can be created and maintained manually or via TurboIntegrator process. This gives users flexibility to choose the method by which their hierarchies are maintained. Planning Analytics provides a user-friendly interface for manual maintenance, while TI processes can make automated maintenance fast and simple.

Planning Analytics hierarchies enable you to gain informative and flexible insight into your data, while utilizing fewer resources.

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