IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Up Your TM1 Environment
IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Up Your TM1 Environment

Did you know there are some simple steps you can take to clean up your TM1 environment?  A quick clean up gives you easier navigations for ad-hoc analysis, as well as smaller dimensions.

In today’s world, memory is cheap.  Hard drives that used to be measured in KB quickly became MB, GB and TB.  RAM chips have become larger and computers have become virtualized.  This means that it’s easier to quickly expand the environment where your TM1 model is stored.

This also means that it’s easier to become lazy in terms of cleaning up your TM1 environment.  You may often have “discussions” with your children about cleaning their room, so why not take the same approach with your TM1 environment?

There are many ways to quickly clean up your model.  Some simple approaches can include:

  • A reduction in the number of scenarios/versions.  Do you really need to save weekly forecasts from five years ago?
  • The removal of old data within a cube.  Do you really need to reference your 2010 budget?
  • The removal of old cubes.  Are there cubes that had a one-time purpose that are no longer used?
  • The removal of old processes.  If you initially named a process “TEMP – xxx” then it was meant to be a temporary process.
  • The removal of “one off” reports. We worked with one client that trimmed a set of 1,000+ reports down to under 100 after analyzing which reports were being used.

Cleaning up your model will make your TM1 environment faster and easier to use.  Tasks that take minutes can easily be transitioned into seconds.  A smaller set of cubes can simplify the navigations for ad-hoc analyses and smaller dimensions can simplify your reports.

All of this leads to a better user experience… and happier users!

IBM Planning Analytics, which TM1 is the engine for,  is full of new features and functionality.  Not sure where to start?  Our team here at Revelwood can help.  Contact us for more information at  And stay tuned for more Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks weekly in our Knowledge Center and in upcoming newsletters!


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