IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: URLs for TM1 websheets
IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: URLs for TM1 websheets

Did you know that you can create a URL that will open directly into a specific websheet? The concept is to simply use your existing TM1 Web address and then enter some parameters. The parameters are where the fun begins since you can include parameters for actions to take, adminhost and server names, and websheet names. You can also include your username and password within the URL to automatically connect into your Planning Analytics environment.


The base URL and the parameters are separated by the number symbol (#):


Multiple parameters can be included and are separated via the ampersand symbol (&):



If you had the following setup in your environment …

  • TM1 Web is running on your local machine via http://localhost:9510/tm1web
  • Your environment contains a websheet called ExpenseEntry within the Application called Planning
  • Your admin host is localhost and your server name is called FinanceProd
  • Your user name is admin and your password is apple


… then here is the URL that would link to the websheet:


     Note that the base URL uses the following format:  http://WebServerName:PortNumber/tm1web/UrlApi.jsp


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