From “5 Ways CFOs Can Implement Advanced Analytics”
From “5 Ways CFOs Can Implement Advanced Analytics”

We all do it – flag or save an article that looks interesting, and then eventually get around to reading it. That’s the case here, with “Five Ways CFOs Can Implement Advanced Analytics,” which was published in Q4 last year, but is still relevant. Things in the analytics space change quickly, but not that quickly.

This article follows a theme we believe in – that CFOs and senior finance executives can no longer just be “bean counters.” The role is no longer just about presenting the numbers, especially if those numbers are about the organization’s performance in the past. Instead, CFOs and senior finance executives who are thinking strategically are realizing they are the gatekeepers to a treasure trove of data. Data, that by applying the right advanced analytics tools, can reveal “hidden patterns behind big and unstructured data,” that can “model hundreds of possible scenarios,” and data that can “optimize the best action plans among all alternatives.”

Read the full article to learn how CFOs can use advanced analytics for:

  • Early detection of business change
  • Managing capital assets
  • Optimizing budgeting and planning
  • Predicting internal disruptions

Most importantly, the author of this article, Viral Chawda, managing director of data and analytics at KPMG, explains why predictive analytics can be the “periscope for CFOs.”

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