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Have you thought about how to turn financial forecasting into a competitive advantage? In today’s disruptive, high-stakes economy, maximizing any and every competitive advantage can mean the difference between just surviving versus thriving. And if you did turn your standard forecasting activities into a competitive advantage, what would that mean for you and your team in the Office of Finance? A new report from the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) makes a strong argument for how and why forecasting can … Read More

BARC, the Business Application Research Center, recently compared a number of planning software applications, including IBM Planning Analytics. The Planning Survey 17 is based on findings from “the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users” and was conducted from November 2016 to February 2017. The survey saw 1,2999 responses to a series of detailed questions about their use of specific products. BARC analyzed the responses to 18 different products, with IBM Planning Analytics achieving “some outstanding results.” … Read More

According to a report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 89% of cognitive computing adopters are more profitable and more innovative than their industry peers. That’s an incredibly strong argument for embracing – or if you are not yet ready, exploring – cognitive computing. Think of the impact greater profits and innovation could make on your organization. Could it position you to be a disruptor in your industry? Could you finally beat the competitor with whom you’ve been neck-and-neck … Read More

A research study from The Hackett Group found that the adoption of performance management in the cloud is “set to rise significantly in the next couple of years.” The firm considers the momentum to be driven by the fact that performance management in the cloud solutions are “cost-effective, flexible and streamlined, while allowing more people to participate in the planning process.” The research shows that 72% of companies are either planning or exploring an implementation of a cloud-based financial planning … Read More

Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader, Revelwood. www.revelwood.com

Marketing leaders—those outperforming their peers—recognize that cognitive computing and artificial intelligence technologies are game-changers for marketing. The IBM Institute for Business Value recently conducted a study examining how likely Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and heads of sales are to embrace cognitive computing. The Institute surveyed 525 CMOs and 389 heads of sales across 18 industries. The research found that: 88% of the outperformers believe they are ready to adopt cognitive computing 91% of the outperformers believe that cognitive computing will … Read More

We’ve created a list of the top 10 steps organizations should take for a successful financial performance management project. These steps were honed over more than two decades of experience designing and implementing financial performance management solutions based on IBM Analytics technologies. Essentially, these can also be considered best practices for financial performance management projects. Before we go into the 10 steps, let’s take a look at today’s business environment. Years ago businesses, and senior management, were content to wait … Read More



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