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Videos Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

This summer, Revelwood kicked off a new internship program. While we’ve had interns in the past, this year we kicked off a new intern program modeled after that of one of our vendor-partners in a different industry. The Lead Development Rep (LDR) program is a business development and sales internship program. Our LDR internship kicked off with a week-long intensive boot camp that included workshops with various members of the Revelwood team and concluded with each intern presenting their findings … Read More

This is a guest post and video by Revelwood’s Jay Apwah. Did you know IBM Planning Analytics allows you to store data in cubes and dimensions? In this video, I explain the difference between cubes and dimensions, and then give a short, easy-to-follow demo of how to create a cube. A cube: Is a TM1 object that stores data Must be comprised of at least two dimensions A dimension: Is the building block of a cube Helps logically organize cube … Read More

This is a guest post and video by Revelwood’s Jay Apwah. Did you know IBM Planning Analytics Workspace enables you to perform analysis on data in attribute-based hierarchies? Hierarchies are commonly used for analysis, but can also be used for filtering as well. Watch this short video for an overview and demo of attribute-based hierarchies in Planning Analytics Workspace and you’ll learn: What hierarchies are Why you’ll want to use hierarchies How easy it is to create hierarchies, input data, … Read More

This is a guest post and video by Revelwood’s Shane Bethea.  Did you know IBM Cognos TM1 has a unique implementation of MDX, with TM1-specific functions and expressions? MDX, which stands for multidimensional expressions and is similar to SQL, is for multidimensional data in OLAP cubes. It is used by many different vendors for their OLAP solutions, but TM1 uses it in some product-specific ways. Watch this short demo I’ve created and you’ll learn: what MDX is, and how to … Read More

By now most TM1 and Cognos Express PM users are aware they need to migrate from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. IBM has made significant changes to its Financial Performance Management product line, which includes rebranding TM1 and Cognos Express PM to IBM Planning Analytics. The changes go beyond a name change – TM1 will remain the underlying engine for Planning Analytics, but the overall product is undergoing drastic changes to improve the user and developer experience. Over the past … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Local, the convergence of TM1 on-premise with Planning Analytics on the cloud is now available! This new release brings many of the great enhancements and performance improvements that IBM has been making in the cloud environment available to on-premise TM1 customers. I recently hosted a webinar with Dan Bernatchez, our FPM practice leader and Chief Solutions Architect for TM1, to review the new features of the solution and provided a live demo of Planning Analytics Local. You … Read More

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