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Use Cases Archives – Revelwood Knowledge Center

A global publisher in the areas of scientific, technical, medical and scholarly research has turned to IBM Cognos TM1 for a top-down approach to a custom technical planning model. To some, that might seem an odd choice, since TM1 is typically used for bottom-up financial planning and reporting. But the company already used TM1 as its global planning solution, and TM1 would be well-suited to handling the publisher’s complexity and volume of products for which it wanted to plan. The … Read More

We recently blogged about using IBM Cognos TM1 for capacity planning in both the oil & gas industry and in manufacturing. We also have a great client example of how TM1 can be used for capacity planning in the REIT industry. Our client, a large real estate investment trust (REIT) company with several billion dollars in assets and Class A office space in most major U.S. cities needed a sophisticated solution to model out leases for its buildings and space, … Read More

We recently blogged about capacity planning in the oil & gas industry using IBM Cognos TM1. In short, by using TM1 for capacity planning, a business can better understand how to maximize the capacity it has on hand, how to plan for expected increases and decreases in supply and demand, and how to capitalize on market opportunities to increase physical capacity at the most optimal times. One of our clients, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of roofing materials, with … Read More

Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products. Most people think of IBM Cognos TM1 and automatically think just of financial planning. They think of how organizations of all types and kinds use TM1 for budgeting, planning, reporting and various other office of finance activities. But as we have learned in our decades of experience in working with TM1, there are many other ways companies can use … Read More

Demand planning can guide businesses to improve the accuracy of revenue forecasts, align inventory levels with peaks and troughs in demand, and enhance profitability for a given channel or product. Many of our clients who rely on IBM Cognos TM1 for financial planning, reporting and analysis have asked us to help them design and develop TM1-based demand planning applications. We recently blogged about two examples of using IBM Cognos TM1 for demand planning. One was demand planning in the food … Read More

We recently shared a use case on how a client is using IBM Cognos TM1 for demand planning in the food and beverage industry. We also have a client in professional services who is using TM1 for demand planning. They are a market-leading business support solutions and services company that serves the majority of the top 100 global communication service providers. Like most professional services firms, they make their money based on the number of billable hours its consultants service … Read More



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