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Anaplan defines connected planning as “enabling an organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.” While the terminology may be new to us at Revelwood, the idea of planning as an enterprise-wide, strategic activity that spans various departments speaks to a core tenant we’ve held for a long time: we speak business first. In fact, we’ve long thought that taking a high-level, strategic view of planning can be a … Read More

Until recently, customer analytics was a challenging proposition for many companies. They could opt for large enterprise systems, with the accompanying price tag and timeline, or “black box” systems that delivered some answers to pressing questions, but not enough to provide meaningful insight. That’s why we developed BULLSEYE. BULLSEYE™ fits in that space by providing enterprise-class customer analytics, but in the cloud through a subscription-based model making it easy to implement, use and own. BULLSEYE is built on and leverages … Read More

Most of us have workdays that force us to choose between spending time on tasks that are urgent versus tasks that are vital. As a TM1 or IBM Planning Analytics administrator, that may mean having to answer urgent (or, really not-so-urgent) general user support questions when you would much rather spend your time designing a new model to for that major corporate strategic initiative. Or building the business case on why you should migrate from TM1 to Planning Analytics now, … Read More

IBM recently announced the official End of Support dates for two of the IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.x versions: IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.0 will reach End of Support on 2018-09-30 IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 will reach End of Support on 2019-09-30 By now, most TM1 users are aware of IBM’s transition from IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. Planning Analytics contains the full functionality of TM1, including both Excel and Web interfaces, so the concept of migrating can be as … Read More

Business travel can sometimes be more obligation than enjoyment. There’s always the chance of flight delays and other transportation snafus, long days, and often, the expectation of keeping up with your day job while being out of the office for work. But sometimes there’s that special business trip you look forward to! That’s how we feel about the annual Ingram ICE event. “ICE” stands for Ingram Cognos Elite and it’s an exclusive program for IBM business partners who demonstrate expertise … Read More

IBM Cognos TM1 administrators now have the ability to manage their TM1 environments at any time, and from anywhere with a new mobile application, Quantum for TM1. The app is available for free on both the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. TM1 admins (who do not need to be current or past Revelwood customers) can use Quantum to perform a number of functions needed to manage TM1, including: View server statistics, Message Log, Transaction Log and … Read More



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