BULLSEYE Answers Your Marketing Questions about Your Customers
BULLSEYE Answers Your Marketing Questions about Your Customers

Until recently, customer analytics was a challenging proposition for many companies. They could opt for large enterprise systems, with the accompanying price tag and timeline, or “black box” systems that delivered some answers to pressing questions, but not enough to provide meaningful insight.

Bullseye predictive analytics for marketersThat’s why we developed BULLSEYE. BULLSEYE™ fits in that space by providing enterprise-class customer analytics, but in the cloud through a subscription-based model making it easy to implement, use and own. BULLSEYE is built on and leverages IBM’s proven data science and predictive customer analytics technologies and offers 35 pre-built common customer analytics questions that marketers and senior executives desperately want to ask of their data. These questions include:

Just imagine, whether you are looking to cross-sell or upsell to create incremental revenue growth, or to retain valuable customers, you can simply log on to BULLSEYE and ask your question, such as, “BULLSEYE, who are my top quartile customers from last year?” and BULLSEYE will tell you. No need to go to IT. No need to think about what your “query” needs to be. Ask a question, and you get an answer.

What can you, the marketer, do with that information? How much revenue can your marketing department generate for your company? How many cool marketing campaigns can you do to your best, most interesting customers?

With BULLSEYE, the possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to hear how you make the most of the power of BULLSEYE!

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