Lisa Minneci, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center
Lisa Minneci, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center

Do you consider yourself an outstanding IBM Planning / TM1 expert? Do you want to start a career where you can thrive on solving complex business problems and delve into what makes businesses tick? Are you looking for your next role to be part of a top-notch, award-winning team? Then you might be the perfect fit for one of our open consultant positions! Or perhaps you know someone that might be? We love referrals. If you’re not familiar with Revelwood, … Read More

Last week we published the first in a series of three blog posts highlighting our most widely read blogs of 2018. In today’s post, we showcase five more posts that were extremely popular with TM1 users & those Planning Analytics users who have already migrated from TM1. IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks: Year-to-Date Hierarchies Learn how to create a single hierarchy that contains all year-to-date-values within an entire year. As you know, TM1 is a consolidation tool which is … Read More

Impulse purchases account for a large amount of revenue that retailers can’t afford to miss out on. In fact, impulse buying accounts for nearly 80% of purchases. Impulse buying is when a shopper purchases something that was not originally on their shopping list – whether it’s adding chips to their grocery cart or buying shoes on sale that go really well with the dress they just purchased. When retailers drive impulse purchasing, they increase both basket size and sales. Impulse … Read More

If you are looking for a great example of complex modeling in IBM Cognos TM1, look no further than the case study on New York Blood Center. Imagine having untold numbers of separate models in disparate systems – such as Excel and Access – all built for a single purpose, but that did not talk to each other? How could you answer simple questions about the data, let alone complex questions? That’s the situation that New York Blood Center (NYBC) … Read More

A global publisher in the areas of scientific, technical, medical and scholarly research has turned to IBM Cognos TM1 for a top-down approach to a custom technical planning model. To some, that might seem an odd choice, since TM1 is typically used for bottom-up financial planning and reporting. But the company already used TM1 as its global planning solution, and TM1 would be well-suited to handling the publisher’s complexity and volume of products for which it wanted to plan. The … Read More

Business travel can sometimes be more obligation than enjoyment. There’s always the chance of flight delays and other transportation snafus, long days, and often, the expectation of keeping up with your day job while being out of the office for work. But sometimes there’s that special business trip you look forward to! That’s how we feel about the annual Ingram ICE event. “ICE” stands for Ingram Cognos Elite and it’s an exclusive program for IBM business partners who demonstrate expertise … Read More



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