Lisa Minneci, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 5
Lisa Minneci, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 5

The old school annual budgeting and planning process is just that – old school. Today’s forward-thinking FP&A executives, managers, and analysts instead are embracing continuous planning and rolling forecasting. Rolling forecasting is the process of simulating profit and loss for a company on a rolling basis. Many FP&A executives who’ve led their company’s transition from the inefficient annual budgeting process to one of continuous planning and rolling forecasting will tell you it was one of the bst decisions they’ve made … Read More

“The most critical capability of the CMO is to have a profound, deep understanding of customers and their needs and know how to engage and serve them.  This of course involves knowledge of data and analytics. – Jamie Moldafsky, CMO, Wells Fargo, in “Redefining the CMO,” Deloitte Review, issue 22. According to a recent study by the CMO Council and Deloitte, “CMOs have been increasingly asked to elevate their activities from brand and marketing plan management to acting as an … Read More

Until recently, customer analytics was a challenging proposition for many companies. They could opt for large enterprise systems, with the accompanying price tag and timeline, or “black box” systems that delivered some answers to pressing questions, but not enough to provide meaningful insight. That’s why we developed BULLSEYE. BULLSEYE™ fits in that space by providing enterprise-class customer analytics, but in the cloud through a subscription-based model making it easy to implement, use and own. BULLSEYE is built on and leverages … Read More

Revelwood’s recent survey of TM1 users uncovered when and why many organizations are planning to migrate from IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. The survey, which was conducted in Q4 2017, found that more than one quarter of respondents who are migrating to IBM Planning Analytics are planning on doing so this quarter. Slightly less than 10% of respondents plan to migrate sometime between 3-9 months. Only 13% of all respondents are not migrating to Planning Analytics at all. … Read More

Have you thought about how to turn financial forecasting into a competitive advantage? In today’s disruptive, high-stakes economy, maximizing any and every competitive advantage can mean the difference between just surviving versus thriving. And if you did turn your standard forecasting activities into a competitive advantage, what would that mean for you and your team in the Office of Finance? A new report from the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) makes a strong argument for how and why forecasting can … Read More

BARC, the Business Application Research Center, recently compared a number of planning software applications, including IBM Planning Analytics. The Planning Survey 17 is based on findings from “the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users” and was conducted from November 2016 to February 2017. The survey saw 1,2999 responses to a series of detailed questions about their use of specific products. BARC analyzed the responses to 18 different products, with IBM Planning Analytics achieving “some outstanding results.” … Read More


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