Lee Lazarow, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 6 of 6
Lee Lazarow, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 6 of 6

Did you know IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) allows you to visualize your data using a variety of charts and graphs, including the ability to display your results via a pie chart?  In order to create a pie chart, you must follow one simple rule: ensure that you have only one “measure” element on either the row or the column. You can create a pie chart in PAW with three easy steps: 1. Ensure that a dimension is defined as … Read More

Did you know that you can create a URL that will open directly into a specific websheet? The concept is to simply use your existing TM1 Web address and then enter some parameters. The parameters are where the fun begins since you can include parameters for actions to take, adminhost and server names, and websheet names. You can also include your username and password within the URL to automatically connect into your Planning Analytics environment.   The base URL and the parameters … Read More

Many of you know that MDX can be used in your current IBM Cognos TM1 environment to create dynamic subsets and row expansions, but did you know that MDX can also be used to create an entire view of data? TM1’s initial use of MDX functionality was limited to manipulating one dimension at a time, but IBM Planning Analytics uses the full power of MDX via expressions called tuples and sets.  These expressions define intersections of data which result in … Read More


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