Lee Lazarow, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center
Lee Lazarow, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center

When working with clients to design a TM1 system, I sometimes have clients ask about an approach of building one cube for a model vs. building multiple cubes for a model. What do I mean by that? A cube consists of a single table/database of data whereas a model consists of a series of cubes that are linked together. TM1 is designed to quickly and efficiently link a series of small cubes together, but this style of thinking contradicts the … Read More

Did you know there are some simple steps you can take to clean up your TM1 environment?  A quick clean up gives you easier navigations for ad-hoc analysis, as well as smaller dimensions. In today’s world, memory is cheap.  Hard drives that used to be measured in KB quickly became MB, GB and TB.  RAM chips have become larger and computers have become virtualized.  This means that it’s easier to quickly expand the environment where your TM1 model is stored. … Read More

Did you know you can create a single hierarchy that contains all year-to-date values within an entire year? As you know, TM1 is a consolidation tool which is designed to sum together a series of values.  There are many ways to create the consolidations using a combination of grand totals and sub totals.  This blog specifically addresses the year-to-date (YTD) hierarchy associated with a time dimension. Many clients prefer to create a single hierarchy that contains all YTD values within … Read More

Every week we publish a new blog post on IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks. Some of these focus on how to use new features in IBM Planning Analytics and others explain how to optimize key aspects of the core TM1 engine. We took a look at our analytics (yes, we don’t just implement analytics, we use them too!) to see which blog posts with tips & tricks are the most popular with Revelwood clients and visitors to Revelwood’s Knowledge … Read More

Did you know that comments are an important piece of good rule development in IBM Planning Analytics? Comments help to describe your logic and can make it easier to navigate through many lines of code. A special type of comment in Planning Analytics entails the definition of a region. The use of regions allows you to expand and collapse sections of rules in the Planning Analytics rule editor. A region is defined by adding a comment that starts with #Region … Read More

Did you know that TM1 offers an easy way for you to convert GMT times to local times?  Do you get tired of seeing your message log records in GMT?  Are you frustrated that you have to convert times from GMT to local time?  Does the concept of daylight savings time annoy you?  Well, there’s not much that TM1 can do about that last question, but it does offer a solution to the first two. TM1 contains many of your … Read More



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