Justin Croft, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 3
Justin Croft, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center – Page 2 of 3

Predictive analytics holds the promise of making your organization smarter, more nimble, more competitive, and ultimately, more profitable. But in between deciding predictive analytics can help your organization achieve any one (or several) of these objectives, and realizing these results, there are a series of decisions that can better ensure success, or, potentially derail your initiative. Our award-winning professional services team has developed 5 tips that will help you better maximize your chances of having a successful predictive analytics project. … Read More

The promises of analytics are many: business insights, competitive advantage, increased profits, and more. In some cases it may even seem like the opportunities delivered by analytics are nearly endless. So how could one possibly fail with analytics? Sadly, as Meta S. Brown points out by titling her recent piece in Forbes, “86% of Executives Can’t Make Analytics Pay. Here’s How You Can,” many initiatives never break even. Meta sees the difference between successful projects and unsuccessful project as coming … Read More

The era of cognitive computing is here. The biggest proof came during the recent IBM World of Watson conference. More than 17,000 people came together to learn about how cognitive computing is being used—today—in organizations across the world. In a nutshell, cognitive computing enables people and organizations to collectively understand. It helps people do their jobs better. Two of our clients, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance and Cardinal Health told their stories of how they use cognitive computing for customer … Read More

I’m often asked to define cognitive computing. Honestly, it’s not always easy to define. So first, let’s step back and take a look at the overall analytics landscape. Within analytics, you have descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics summarizes what happened. Predictive analytics studies recent and historical data and enables analysts to make predictions about what is likely to happen. Prescriptive analytics defines a set of actions users should take based on predictions. Cognitive computing takes all of this … Read More

I’ve attended the conference that’s now IBM World of Watson for the past six or seven years. While each year brought something new and exciting, I believe this year will be a watershed year where a critical mass of companies begin their journey towards cognitive computing. And attending World of Watson will be the first step in that journey. I worry I sound like an old timer saying this, but just a few years ago this conference was called IBM … Read More

Earlier this spring I attended my first IBM Vision Conference. This is, ostensibly, focused on finance, risk management and sales compensation. But I found a strong thread of predictive analytics throughout almost all of the presentations and discussions. In fact, every conversation I had with a Revelwood customer or an IBMer included talking about predictive and where and how it is being integrated into existing analytics applications, or where it’s being deployed for new applications. One of the biggest challenges … Read More



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