Justin Croft, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center
Justin Croft, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies who primarily measure their customer relationships with one metric: Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth by asking one simple question: how likely are you to recommend the company’s product or service? The score is calculated on a 0 – 10 scale based on the response, with those scoring 9 – 10 considered “Promoters,” those scoring 7 – 8 considered “Passives,” and those scoring 0 – 6 considered “Detractors.” The … Read More

Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader, Revelwood. www.revelwood.com

Marketing leaders—those outperforming their peers—recognize that cognitive computing and artificial intelligence technologies are game-changers for marketing. The IBM Institute for Business Value recently conducted a study examining how likely Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and heads of sales are to embrace cognitive computing. The Institute surveyed 525 CMOs and 389 heads of sales across 18 industries. The research found that: 88% of the outperformers believe they are ready to adopt cognitive computing 91% of the outperformers believe that cognitive computing will … Read More

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (in which we participate) defines customer analytics as “the collection, management, analysis and strategic leverage of a firm’s granular data about the behavior(s) of its customers … Customer analytics can be characterized as behavioral, longitudinal, inherently granular, forward-looking and multi-platform.” While that may sound very academic – it is, after all, coming from one of the preeminent business schools in the nation – the reality is that customer analytics is being used today by many … Read More

Justin Croft, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader, Revelwood. www.revelwood.com

Nearly every company we work with has some amount of unstructured or text-based data that they collect from their customers and operations. Data from surveys, notes typed into CRM systems, emails, and more – all these unstructured text data sources can be a wealth of insight. And while everyone has this data, no one we’ve met is satisfied with the way they are leveraging text-based data. IBM’s SPSS Modeler product includes a solution to this challenge – its Text Analytics … Read More

We recently shared an example of how a client in the insurance industry is using predictive analytics and customer analytics to prioritize lead lists for an average 45% success rate. Another client of ours is a B2B wholesaler who sells to retailers throughout the U.S. They wanted to apply predictive analytics to their digital platform customers use to re-order products. This platform is also used to market products to its customers. We decided to use IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence to … Read More

While we’re primarily known for our expertise in financial performance management and IBM Cognos TM1 and now IBM Planning Analytics, we’ve been growing an elite practice for predictive and advanced analytics for a few years now. In fact, at the IBM World of Watson conference in late October 2016, IBM announced that Revelwood was selected as the Customer Analytics Business Partner of the Year. This was for our work in designing and developing customer analytics solutions. Two of these solutions … Read More



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