John Pra Sisto, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center
John Pra Sisto, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center

As part of our expanded Customer Care program, we’ve recently launched a new System Administration as a Service (SAaaS) offering for TM1 users and IBM Planning Analytics users. This new program enables you to tap into our many years of experience, staff expertise and managed services infrastructure. We’ll free up your team from the labors of TM1 administration, while handling your general and cycle maintenance needs. TM1 users and Planning Analytics users can chose from two options: Fully Outsourced Coverage … Read More

Did you know the window of time for upgrading from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics is shortening quickly? You need to upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics in order to complete your 2019 budgeting and planning activities. While that is likely the biggest reason to begin your upgrade now, there are many additional reasons to move to IBM Planning Analytics. A new whitepaper from IBM outlines the powerful new features and enhancements you’ll experience when upgrading from TM1 to IBM Planning … Read More

Last October, we held a webinar updating you on the future of the Revelwood Toolkit, including Dynamo!, in IBM’s new Planning Analytics environment. At that time there was significant uncertainty surrounding the future of IBM’s support for TM1 V10.2/10.2.2 and Perspectives and how that would affect our support of the toolkit. As you are aware, Dynamo! will not function in the new Planning Analytics environment when using PAx (Planning Analytics for Excel) as the interface. As things have become clearer, … Read More

Most of us have workdays that force us to choose between spending time on tasks that are urgent versus tasks that are vital. As a TM1 or IBM Planning Analytics administrator, that may mean having to answer urgent (or, really not-so-urgent) general user support questions when you would much rather spend your time designing a new model to for that major corporate strategic initiative. Or building the business case on why you should migrate from TM1 to Planning Analytics now, … Read More

IBM recently announced the official End of Support dates for two of the IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.x versions: IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.0 will reach End of Support on 2018-09-30 IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 will reach End of Support on 2019-09-30 By now, most TM1 users are aware of IBM’s transition from IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. Planning Analytics contains the full functionality of TM1, including both Excel and Web interfaces, so the concept of migrating can be as … Read More

By now most TM1 and Cognos Express PM users are aware they need to migrate from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. IBM has made significant changes to its Financial Performance Management product line, which includes rebranding TM1 and Cognos Express PM to IBM Planning Analytics. The changes go beyond a name change – TM1 will remain the underlying engine for Planning Analytics, but the overall product is undergoing drastic changes to improve the user and developer experience. Over the past … Read More