Brian Combs, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center
Brian Combs, Author at Revelwood Knowledge Center

FP&A Done Right Series How is your budget/budget prep coming along? Have you set aside time to rethink your process? In that last installment of FP&A Done Right, we started our enumeration of the problems with traditional budgeting. Before I discuss several more, here is a reminder of the last few problems: Time consuming and costly Quickly irrelevant and outdated Financial process largely disconnected from specific drivers Let me highlight more now and then we will move towards some alternative … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series “Not to beat around the bush, but the budgeting process at most companies has to be the most ineffective practice in management. It sucks the energy, time, fun, and big dreams out of an organization. It hides opportunity and stunts growth.  It brings out the most unproductive behaviors in an organization, from sandbagging to settling for mediocrity. In fact, when companies win, in most cases it is despite their budgets, not because of them.” – Jack … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series The Strategic Planning process at many companies is in sore need of an overhaul. As many of you know, the “Strat Plan” can take on a life of its own. It was not too long ago that I was the guy who had the pleasure of creating and consolidating the Strategic Plan along with all the initiatives created by our VPs and functional areas. The greenfield initiatives. The cost savings initiatives. The sales and marketing initiatives. … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series If you have been following this blog series, you know that I am a ‘people and process’ guy. I’ve discussed how we become so good at circumventing the process that those workarounds become the process. Keep in mind, however, that a workaround, by definition, is meant to be temporary. When you are stuck in the weeds of your daily tasks, it’s almost impossible to see that your process is askew. If that is the case, how … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series While this may be an old concept, the Fixed Forecast Dilemma still holds true today. Not too long ago, this was a fairly arduous task, even if you wanted to undertake it. This is now primarily a mindset change because today’s planning, reporting and analytics systems make this task much easier than in the past.  Artificial Wall We create this disconnect between current year and next year – in our minds as well as in our … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series I have seen the extremes of the Finance/IT relationship during my career as an FP&A professional. When I first started navigating the Finance space, any and all systems were ‘owned’ by IT. That’s simply how it was. There was this love/hate relationship between the two and we each thought of the other as a necessary evil. We learned to live together but there was this constant tug-of-war over the constraints of the project management triangle; time, … Read More


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