Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.

HTML reports are the “bread and butter” of the finance professional. We’ve created a short demo video of how to easily create reports in Adaptive Insights. In this video, part of our “The Capabilities of Adaptive Insights” series, Ken DiSessa shows you how to create a variance report looking at a budget versus actuals. He discusses the color coding and icons in Adaptive Insights, how to drill down into details, and the powerful explore cell feature. Watch “Reporting in Adaptive … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know IBM Planning Analytics rules can be used to manipulate the case used for text?  There are rules to change values into both uppercase and lowercase. UPPER Converts an entire string to upper case UPPER(‘Lee Lazarow wrote this’) becomes LEE LAZAROW WROTE THIS LOWER Converts entire string to lower case LOWER(‘Lee Lazarow wrote this’) becomes lee lazarow wrote this CAPIT Converts the first letter of each work to upper case CAPIT(‘Lee … Read More

FP&A Done Right Series The Strategic Planning process at many companies is in sore need of an overhaul. As many of you know, the “Strat Plan” can take on a life of its own. It was not too long ago that I was the guy who had the pleasure of creating and consolidating the Strategic Plan along with all the initiatives created by our VPs and functional areas. The greenfield initiatives. The cost savings initiatives. The sales and marketing initiatives. … Read More

We’ve exciting news for those who follow our award-winning Adaptive Insights practice. This week we’re launching a new four-part YouTube series, “The Capabilities of Adaptive Insights.” In these short videos Revelwood’s Ken DiSessa walks you through how quickly and easily you can do specific activities and tasks in Adaptive Insights cloud-based business planning software. The first video, “Dashboarding in Adaptive Insights” features Ken demonstrating how easy it is to use Adaptive Insight’s dashboard capability. He’ll show you how to build … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know there are two different ways to stop a TurboIntegrator script? The ProcessBreak command stops processing source data and proceeds directly to the Epilog.  This approach allows you still run code in the Epilog that can perform tasks such as deleting subsets, writing to a process tracking cube, or running other processes. Here is an example of skipping the data and metadata section if a parameter called pVersion does not exist: … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Tips & Tricks Series Did you know there are two different ways to skip specific records when you are running TurboIntegrator scripts? ItemSkip is used to skip a specific record. This is often nested within an IF statement and used when you want to simply ignore a record. Here is an example of skipping a record if a variable called vValue is negative:             IF ( vValue < 0 );                  ITEMSKIP;             ENDIF; As you … Read More


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