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Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.

Did you know that you can bookmark items for quick navigation in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)? PAW’s navigation menu allows you to scroll through your entire system which includes cubes, dimensions, views and other aspects of your model. This ability to access your models within a single list is very powerful, but it can also become very large. PAW offers an easy way to quickly navigate to important components of your model that via the use of bookmarks. To … Read More

Did you know IBM Planning Analytics can minimize the amount of feeder data via an approach called a “conditional feeder?”  A conditional feeder is exactly what it sounds like – it only feeds when a certain condition is met. In a previous blog post, I provided an example of how to use an attribute to turn on/off data flow from another cube.  We left off with the following rules: High-Level:   Detailed:   The cube “High-Level” should only pull from … Read More

Did you know that element attributes in TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics can be used for more than just making report aliases? They can be utilized by the system itself to better manage data flow, and to make it easier to trace where your data is coming from without having to use calculation tracer so often. Let’s imagine that we have 2 cubes – detailed and high-level. The detailed cube has the same dimensionality as the high-level cube, but it … Read More

Did you know feeding based on string values can be tricky?  Anyone that has developed in TM1/IBM Planning Analytics before knows full well the importance of a well-written feeder statement. An example of this is when we have a cube with string measures that are dimensions in another cube.  The pull side is quite simple:   The issue, however, is how Planning Analytics registers feeders: Numeric feeders only trigger once…  during the first time the string in the cube “Input” … Read More

This is a guest post from Revelwood’s Shane Bethea. Did you know you can create a new path to an existing Windows folder without breaking the original path when working in IBM Planning Analytics and TM1? An example of this is when you have a TurboIntegrator (TI) process that writes log files to a path that is several folders deep, but you want to simplify the path. Windows allows you to create something called a directory junction that points to the … Read More

This is a guest post by Revelwood’s Nina Gordy. Did you know it’s easy to create a simple dashboard in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace? IBM Planning Analytics Workspace dashboards allow you to provide quick and effective information to the end user. The following steps demonstrate how to create a simple dashboard. Navigate to your instance of Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). Select New > Book from template. Note: By selecting New > Book, PAW will automatically open a new tabbed workbook. … Read More


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