Revelwood Knowledge Center - Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center - Analytics that impact.

The promises of analytics are many: business insights, competitive advantage, increased profits, and more. In some cases it may even seem like the opportunities delivered by analytics are nearly endless. So how could one possibly fail with analytics? Sadly, as Meta S. Brown points out by titling her recent piece in Forbes, “86% of Executives Can’t Make Analytics Pay. Here’s How You Can,” many initiatives never break even. Meta sees the difference between successful projects and unsuccessful project as coming … Read More

This is a guest blog post by RGP Director of Client Service, Stuart Fisher. It’s official. The adoption of ASC 606 – the new Revenue Recognition accounting standard, is not going to be fun. Forty percent of finance professionals surveyed by Intaact would rather stand in line at the DMV than go through the process of preparing and implementing the new standard. The technical aspects, which are enough to make anyone cringe, raise many questions. Among them: How many performance … Read More

We all do it – flag or save an article that looks interesting, and then eventually get around to reading it. That’s the case here, with “Five Ways CFOs Can Implement Advanced Analytics,” which was published in Q4 last year, but is still relevant. Things in the analytics space change quickly, but not that quickly. This article follows a theme we believe in – that CFOs and senior finance executives can no longer just be “bean counters.” The role is … Read More

IBM Planning Analytics Local, the convergence of TM1 on-premise with Planning Analytics on the cloud is now available! This new release brings many of the great enhancements and performance improvements that IBM has been making in the cloud environment available to on-premise TM1 customers. I recently hosted a webinar with Dan Bernatchez, our FPM practice leader and Chief Solutions Architect for TM1, to review the new features of the solution and provided a live demo of Planning Analytics Local. You … Read More

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