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Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.

This is a guest post by Revelwood’s Shane Bethea.  Did you know you can use MDX to compare dimension hierarchies? IBM Cognos TM1 dimensions often have multiple hierarchies that should all roll up to the same total.  Said another way, these separate hierarchies should all contain the same set of n-level elements below them.  For example, a customer dimension may have a hierarchy for rolling up the ‘All Customers – by Type’ and another for ‘All Customers – by Region.’  … Read More

This is a guest post and video by Revelwood’s Shane Bethea.  Did you know IBM Cognos TM1 has a unique implementation of MDX, with TM1-specific functions and expressions? MDX, which stands for multidimensional expressions and is similar to SQL, is for multidimensional data in OLAP cubes. It is used by many different vendors for their OLAP solutions, but TM1 uses it in some product-specific ways. Watch this short demo I’ve created and you’ll learn: what MDX is, and how to … Read More

Did you know you can easily visualize data with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace?  IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) allows you to visualize your data using a variety of charts and graphs, including the ability to display your results via a map.  The only requirement for mapping is to ensure that your geography dimension includes recognizable place names.  IBM defines “recognizable” to include items such as countries, states and provinces and offers a list of acceptable items on their website. You … Read More

Have you thought about how to turn financial forecasting into a competitive advantage? In today’s disruptive, high-stakes economy, maximizing any and every competitive advantage can mean the difference between just surviving versus thriving. And if you did turn your standard forecasting activities into a competitive advantage, what would that mean for you and your team in the Office of Finance? A new report from the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) makes a strong argument for how and why forecasting can … Read More

This is a guest blog post by Revelwood’s Nicole Frigo. Did you know you can easily convert existing Perspective reports to IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)? Converting reports and upgrading action buttons require just a few simple steps when transitioning to PAx. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Open PAx and connect into your Planning Analytics environment     2. Once connected, select Options on the Planning Analytics ribbon and select Upgrade Action Buttons       3. … Read More

This is a guest blog post by Revelwood’s Susan Musselman. Did you know you can not only set up a landing page for IBM Cognos TM1 Web, but you can also set up custom landing pages for different groups of users? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to do this. The landing page for users is set up in the }ClientSettings cube:   In the above example, George Washington will see the Main Portal when he logs in and Al Capone will … Read More


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