Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center – Analytics that impact.

If you are looking for a great example of complex modeling in IBM Cognos TM1, look no further than the case study on New York Blood Center. Imagine having untold numbers of separate models in disparate systems – such as Excel and Access – all built for a single purpose, but that did not talk to each other? How could you answer simple questions about the data, let alone complex questions? That’s the situation that New York Blood Center (NYBC) … Read More

Creating URLs for TM1 Websheets Did you know that you can create a URL that will open directly into a specific websheet? The concept is to simply use your existing TM1 Web address and then enter some parameters. The parameters are where the fun begins since you can include parameters for actions to take, adminhost and server names, and websheet names. You can also include your username and password within the URL to automatically connect into your Planning Analytics environment.   The … Read More

A global publisher in the areas of scientific, technical, medical and scholarly research has turned to IBM Cognos TM1 for a top-down approach to a custom technical planning model. To some, that might seem an odd choice, since TM1 is typically used for bottom-up financial planning and reporting. But the company already used TM1 as its global planning solution, and TM1 would be well-suited to handling the publisher’s complexity and volume of products for which it wanted to plan. The … Read More

The IBM Center for Applied Insights surveyed 337 senior finance leaders on their adoption of analytics. It may not be surprising, but the survey found that organizations plan to double adoption of analytics in all areas of finance in the next two years. A report citing the study answers the why: “As one executive admitted, ‘Advanced analytics gives me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.’” Interestingly, 28 percent of the survey respondents were categorized as the “most … Read More

We’ve created a list of the top 10 steps organizations should take for a successful financial performance management project. These steps were honed over more than two decades of experience designing and implementing financial performance management solutions based on IBM Analytics technologies. Essentially, these can also be considered best practices for financial performance management projects. Before we go into the 10 steps, let’s take a look at today’s business environment. Years ago businesses, and senior management, were content to wait … Read More

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (in which we participate) defines customer analytics as “the collection, management, analysis and strategic leverage of a firm’s granular data about the behavior(s) of its customers … Customer analytics can be characterized as behavioral, longitudinal, inherently granular, forward-looking and multi-platform.” While that may sound very academic – it is, after all, coming from one of the preeminent business schools in the nation – the reality is that customer analytics is being used today by many … Read More


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