Revelwood Knowledge Center - Analytics that impact.
Revelwood Knowledge Center - Analytics that impact.

We’ve created a list of the top 10 steps organizations should take for a successful financial performance management project. These steps were honed over more than two decades of experience designing and implementing financial performance management solutions based on IBM Analytics technologies. Essentially, these can also be considered best practices for financial performance management projects. Before we go into the 10 steps, let’s take a look at today’s business environment. Years ago businesses, and senior management, were content to wait … Read More

We all suffer from FOMO. Fear of missing out. Perhaps you’re worried all your peers and competitors are already far down the path of using financial analytics to make more strategic decisions, drive better business results and gain competitive advantage. But FOMO is the wrong reason to start on a strategic initiative. So how do you know if your organization is ready for financial analytics? Ventana Research, a technology research and advisory firm, has developed a financial analytics self-assessment for … Read More

Ventana Research, a technology research and advisory firm, found that 7 out of 10 companies are already using predictive analytics and the remaining 28% of companies surveyed plan to adopt it. The benchmark report, “Next-Generation Predictive Analytics: Using Forward-Looking Insights to Gain Competitive Advantage,” also found that predictive analytics are most often used for forecasting, marketing analysis, customer service and product recommendations or offers. Thus, Ventana concludes, “predictive analytics is being used in areas critical to revenue and profitability.” The … Read More

Nucleus Research, the only provider of case-based technology research, studied the ROI of IBM Analytics technologies and found that for every dollar spent, companies realized an average of $15.82 in returns. The research firm used its standard ROI case methodology to arrive at this conclusion. The firm also found several key elements led to the financial success of these projects. They included: Rapid implementation times A focus on productivity IBM solutions enablement of new lines of business Integration Download the … Read More

According to Moorad Choudhry, author of The Principles of Banking, “Banks are going to win business by engaging their customers.” But to engage customers, banks first must know which customers to engage, where and how to engage them, and what offers to engage them with. And the banks that are doing that today are using predictive analytics to do so. Predictive analytics is not just for the big banks. In fact, it has the potential to level the playing field … Read More

According to an Ovum report, a “majority of CFOs aren’t happy with the quality of financial planning and analysis and are looking for ways to make finance a more ‘inclusive’ and ‘insightful’ function.”  And while the report discusses why traditional planning processes are broken and why certain trends gaining traction in analytics are set to disrupt these entrenched practices, it is not all doom and gloom about the office of finance and its practices. In fact, in “Breaking the Barriers to … Read More


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